Gardening That Became A Nightmare

We moved house 3 months ago and we have a very large garden. By large, I mean it’s huge and very long. Gardening became a nightmare for me.

The previous tenants left the garden for over 18 months, with no tending to the garden at all.
This means that the garden became very overgrown and there is a lot of brambles and nettles in places.
Wild is not the word to describe my garden.

We have some beautiful trees and bushes but they too were overgrown and needed a good trim.
Beautiful boarders that are overgrown with weeds, nettles and brambles.

Brambles were even growing up the trees and across the decking. They were absolutely everywhere.

I started to get really overwhelmed with it and couldn’t let my children play out in the back of the garden as it was so overgrown.

Being disabled, I struggle to do a lot so there was no way I could tackle this. My partner works full time also so there was little time to get it done.
With both of us working full time and having children, we just couldn’t get this done at all.

We started looking online with Facebook, locals that we could pay to do our garden.
However we had issues with this. Most were retired gentlemen that couldn’t sort out the mess of the garden as it was a big job.
Those that could were charging a lot more money than we could afford.
Facebook was turning out to be a nightmare.

We did have someone come round thanks to the Landlord, however they did a small job on it. Cut the grass and pulled a few weeds out.
However the back of the garden was super overgrown that we could not use it.

I got looking on google for trusted locals that could help and I came across Bidvine.

Bidvine is a place where you can hire trusted locals for jobs around the house, garden, photography and various other things.

I got looking for gardeners in my area and within 30 minutes I had quite a few people ready to sort my heap of a mess out without straining our finances.

I got looking more on the website and found an array of services that people offer.
I’ve been considering a deep tissue massage on my back and legs due to muscular problems.

It’s simple to use, you make a simple request of what you need and Bidvine sends out the information to locals in your area who can help with your particular problem.
For example, you need a plumber to fix your sink, you make a request and Bidvine finds you locals that can assist with your plumbing needs.

Bidvine works with you to find the right people for what you need.

We’re getting married so of course we will need a lot of things like a photographer so Bidvine would be perfect to use for this. Maybe I could find someone to do my flowers through them also.

My worries have been solved by a simple, easy to use website.

*This is a collaboration post.

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