Finding Free Stuff And Voucher Codes Online

One of my favourite past times is finding free stuff and voucher codes online.
There is nothing like finding a freebie or a really good voucher or deal that saves you a lot of money.

Even though I work 3 jobs, I am finding I am having to save more money than usual.
Bills are increasing, food shopping is increasing and then 2 high school uniforms, entire kits for them both and clothing for all 3 of my ever growing children.

I can no longer afford luxury items any more and finding freebies helps an awful lot at the moment.
Also vouchers so we can afford what we want.

Whatever free stuff I can find, I am getting if it is something we need or want.

The long list of items I have received as a freebie is exhaustive.
From make up, skincare to washing products and food.
You name it, there has more than likely been a freebie for it (I wish they did freebies of the electrical nature like a tumble dryer)

A lot of my make up and skincare has come from either freebies. These could be purchase freebies or for signing up to websites.

I do get quite a few freebies from magazine subscriptions, I haven’t subscribed in a while as I ended up with quite a few magazines a month.
I’ve had skincare sets to kitchen items.
Make up to kids toys and games.

I also check my emails regular to see if any of my favoruite brands are giving away any freebies.
Facebook is a great platform also.

Websites like Gratisfaction or MSE are ways to find freebies and vouchers.

Also keep an eye our for the sales, Amazon and their Prime Day is my favourite at the moment.
I pick up a lot of my Christmas bargains from Amazon when they have offers on or Prime Days.

Singing up to newsletters is recommended. Yes okay it fills up your inbox but make one especially for these kinds of things and never miss a sale, bargain, voucher code or freebie.

With budgets being tight at the moment, use the internet to save you money.

*This is a collaboration post


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