Jeffree Star Celebrity Skin Review & Swatch

Jeffree Star Celebrity Skin

I have started with my Jeffree Star collection – I know I am so late to the party! One of the first velour liquid lipsticks I purchased was Jeffree Star Celebrity Skin.

Of course I had to review this little gem and show you some superb swatches.

Jeffree Star is a brand I was seeing everywhere but I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on some items.
Admittedly specific colours I wanted were always sold out which infuriated me so much.

Then finally one day, I got on BeautyBay and Jeffree Star Celebrity Skin was mine. Along with loads more linked around.

Jeffree Star Celebrity Skin Packaging

Jeffree Star Celebrity Skin Packaging

You know I just have to talk packaging right now. I mean, one aspect of this brand is the amazing packaging.

Jeffree Star Celebrity Skin comes in a pink cardboard box that is bright, eye catching and something I actually kept.

On the front is 5 rose gold Jeffree Star logo’s along with information on the other sides.

Inside lays the amazing acrylic packaging that is holing the formula.

The lid has a small clear part then the rest is bright pink – Jeffree’s signature colour with more rose gold logo’s around the lid,

Just below on the bottle is a bright pink strip with more rose gold stars on.

The rest of the bottle is transparent. With Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in rose gold.

When opening and closing this product, there is a distinct ‘click’ you can feel so you know this is not coming open in your purse and so far not one of mine have.

Jeffree Star Celebrity Skin Wand, Application and Formula

Nestled inside is a wand applicator – now about this applicator. Is it not your usual doe foot application. This is more shaped, kind of like a chair I guess? As you can see from the picture above.

Scent wise – we are talking a strange, medicinal sweet scent. I am not sure what it is supposed to be and it isn’t my kind of thing but it dissipates so quickly that I don’t even notice to be honest.

Application of this particular colour is fabulous. I only dip in once and cover my entire lip, but then again I have pretty small lips so one if enough for me.

Jeffree Star Celebrity Skin is a gorgeous colour – a soft brown nude with a slight peach undertone. This makes the perfect nude for me as it does not wash me out at all.

It dried down within a minute or 2 and lips looked great.

Jeffree Star Celebrity Skin Put To The Test

It goes without saying that you can’t get new make up without testing the capabilities of it can you?

Now I have been curious due to so many mixed reviews and only way I would tell was to literally try this myself.

I tested on my lips and also on my hand. I will explain why.

Lip test was good – I put it on in the morning and went about my every day duties. Drinking and eating as normal. Of course just to add – if you eat anything with oil in, your lipstick will come off.

Drinks were no issue, I could drink hot and cold drinks and found this did not move at all.

It did come off with some foods but these were oil based and it wore off gently, not flaking or patchy.

I could reapply no problem and looked just as good as the first application.

Without eating food, it lasted a whole day and only had to apply on the center of my lips where it wore off gradually.

Not once did I have any flaking with this formula and absolutely no transfer.

I tested on my hand to see if there was any staining with this shade, there was none. Oil based cleansers are the best to take this product off in my experience.

Jeffree Star Celebrity Skin Final Thoughts

Jeffree Star Celebrity Skin

This is a beautiful every day colour that wears so well and looks amazing with most looks.

It is more suited to the more every day subtle looks as darker looks made it look a little washed out on me and clearly needed a darker lip.

I love the packaging – the formula – everything about this Jeffree Star Celebrity Skin colour.

This is one of my most used shades and it’s awesome!

You can purchase this product from Beautylish

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