Four Great Vacation Ideas

Whether you are the type that plans adventures well in advance or the sort that is likely to book a spontaneous trip as soon as their paycheck comes in, travel calls to us all. The more you see and do, the more you can learn not just about the world we live in, but about yourself. Challenge who you are, your thoughts and preconceptions, and come away a different, better version of who you were before. There’s a trip out there for everyone, so it all boils down to choosing the best trip for you.


Visit a World Class City on Your Own Terms

The best way to visit a city is to visit it on your own terms. What this means in reality is to skip a lot of the tourist traps and to instead try to live like a local. Not only is this better for the local community, as you will be spending your money on places that support the local population and local businesses instead of international corporations, it is also far cheaper. Rent out a stylish and great vacation home on, pick up food from local markets, go to events at nearby bars, and generally try to experience each city you visit like you’ve just moved there. You’ll make unique memories and fall in love with it in ways you never would have expected.


Become One with Nature on an Outdoor Retreat

Opposite to a city trip is to get away from urban life and to instead return to nature. Not only is doing this great for your health and wellbeing, but it is also an excellent way to support rural communities. Rent out a cabin or camp and enjoy nature to its fullest. Go in the fall for the colors, go in the winter for the winter sports, summer for water fun, and so on. You will benefit from the fresh air, the increased exercise, and the break from modern life.


Experience a New Culture with a Trip Abroad

If you really want to challenge yourself, of course, go abroad. New cultures will always stimulate the mind, regardless if that culture is familiar or if it gives you culture shock. Visiting new places can help you learn, grow, and really get out of your comfort zone. The more different the place, the more memorable it will be.


Island Hop Through the Caribbean  

Of course, if you want fun in the sun another alternative to the beach vacation is to island hop. In the Caribbean there are so many glorious islands to choose from, some of which can only be accessed by private boat. Thankfully, there are many options out there for you to rent your own. If you don’t have experience, choose a motorboat and select islands that can be visited as a day trip. If you do have sailing or boating experience, however, then the world is your oyster. You can go to islands that are days apart from each other, and even find a place you can enjoy all to yourself. Just remember to be safe and to respect the ocean.


There are so many kinds of vacations that you can go on and so many destinations to go and see. Choose the one perfect for you and your budget, and you can’t go wrong.

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