Aeos Optimal Essentials Collection Pink

Skincare collections for me are the perfect gift for myself or for others. When I received the Aeos Optimal Essentials Collection, I was very excited.

I don’t know why, but I seem to prefer having a collection of products from the same brand and same line if possible, than using random products.
I find they are much better for my skin as a collection.

In this collection is 10 items, 6 squeezy tubes and 4 spray bottles.
The perfect way to try different products from one brand also.

There is either a pink or blue collection, perfect for hydration and nourishment.
The difference between the pink and blue version is the pink version is rose quartz and blue is chamomile.
I prefer rose so chose the pink set.

Reading more into this collection, it’s a 3 step skincare system.
Each product is energised with crystals and gems, this is something I have not come across before in skincare.
This makes me even more attracted to it.

So you have renewal, rebalance and then replenish.

In the morning, you renew with the Gentle Cleansing Lotion and follow with the Gentle Exfoliant.
Rebalance with Energising Conditioner then the Refreshing Hydrating Mist.
Finally replenish with the Realive Serum and followed by the Enriching Moisturiser.

At night you renew with the Cleansing Oil de Maq to remove any makeup and pollution from your skin followed by the Dew Facial Wash.
Rebalance again with Energising Conditioner then the Refreshing Hydrating Mist.
Finally replenish with the Realive Serum and followed by the Enriching Moisturiser.

You also get a Beauty Body Shower and Beauty Body Lotion so you can cleanse and moisturise your body at the same time.

Each product has a different scent which I really like, all natural scents but very lovely.

I will review each one separately in sections.


Gentle Cleansing Lotion

Coming in a little squeezy bottle, this cleanser is by far one of my favourites.
With a light, rose scent, this gently but effectively cleanses my skin and does not dry it out or leave it feeling greasy.
I found my skin is cleansed very deeply but feels gentle at the same time.
This cleanser contains essential oils, plant extracts and crystal essences which help firm and tone your skin, as well as deeply cleansing.

I got 4 weeks of cleansing with this beautiful cleanser, my skin looked more radiant, felt smoother and super clean.
It was so gentle on my skin and nourished the dry patches extremely well.

Cleansing Oil De-Maq

Cleansing oils are a staple in my beauty routine.
I have been using them for a few years now as they are super gentle, work very deeply and also help clam down oil production.
The scent of this oil is very soothing and fresh, like fresh cut plants and herbs.
Massaging this cleansing oil into my skin feels amazing, I found only a little goes a long way.
You use cotton pads or wet cleansing cloths and pop a couple of drops on and wipe away excess dirt or makeup.

I used this cleanser both on bare skin and makeup.
Wiping away makeup was very easy, including stubborn mascara or eyeliner that is waterproof.
Super gentle enough even for the eye area, it works very hard but still kind to skin at the same time.
I found this cleansing oil soothed my red skin, which sometimes happens after wearing makeup.
This product did not leave my skin greasy, but did leave my skin nourished, clean and soft.

Dew Facial Wash

Facial washes are a staple in my morning skincare routine.
I always use a facial wash in the morning or in the shower as I find they get rid of all the dirt and other things stuck on my skin from the night before.
I like the pump dispenser this comes in, easy to use and can pop it in your bag if you go away.

A very gentle facial wash, doesn’t leave skin feeling tight either which is important as I do not like the tight feeling.
My skin is super clean after using this, nothing transfers to the cotton pad when toning so I know it deeply cleanses.
You only need a little of this as a little does go a long way.

Gentle Exfoliant

Exfoliants are a must as my skin can easily become dry and dead skin soon starts to pile up.
This only needs to be used once or twice a week to ensure skin stays glowing and smooth.
Again it has the beautiful rose scent from the rosewater.
A thick cream type consistency and gentle beads that exfoliate the skin without scratching or irritation.

Super soft skin that is smooth and clear of impurities. I found this is a very great exfoliator and works miraculously on my poor dry face.
Nourishing the skin deeply and helps get rid of the dead, dry skin from my face.
I really love how my skin looks after use.


Energising Conditioner

I have never heard of a conditioner for your face before.
This is a completely new concept to me.
You apply this to damp skin, so right after cleansing. It soaks into your skin and helps hydrate, nourish and soothe skin.

Again, this has a wonderful rose scent that I absolutely love.
It’s a thin consistency, almost like water.
Super hydrating, also very calming and making my skin so soft and calm.
This is perfect for when I have a flare up on my skin from make up.

Refreshing Hydrating Mist

Mists I love using in the morning, they are refreshing, cooling and pump your skin full of vitamins and nutrients.
With a beautiful rose scent, this will wake you up in the morning.
I also popped this in my fridge and using it through summer as a cooling mist which is perfect for.

Perfect for sore, red and irritated skin, this does cool down your skin and soothe from any irritation.
I found this made a difference to my redness and also nourished my skin.

Realive Serum

Serums are very important to a skincare routine. I find serums for me create a good barrier on my skin for makeup application. Moisturisers don’t seem to provide enough of a barrier however serums before a moisturiser do.
I do really like this serum, it’s rich but not heavy.
Smoothing and plumping my skin, it created a great base for preparation for makeup.

Again with the similar rose like scent, it’s wonderful for calming your skin and having that barrier to protect your skin from pollution and makeup.
It sunk in really well and did not leave a residue behind. There was also no rolling off (This happens mainly with silicone based products) and smooth, soft skin was left.
You really do not need a lot of this as a little goes a long way.

Enriching moisturiser

A very gentle, light but powerful moisturiser, this is high up in my favourites for a moisturiser.
With the typical rose scent, this is perfect for invoking a calm mind and skin.
It’s quite thick but you need a very small amount as it spreads super easy once warmed up in hands.

I found this really did calm my redness, irritation and left my skin soft, smooth and completely nourished.
This is a must if you have dry, irritated skin or just need a good moisture or nourishment boost.

Body Care

Beauty Body Shower

A gentle cleansing body wash that left my skin so soft, nourished and clean.
I absolutely love the scent of this so much, that I have since purchased a full size of this.

I have a lot of skin complaints like redness, inflammation, spots/rashes and dryness.
Straight away my skin felt so less irritated and the tightness had eased, simply just by using a shower gel.
So I had high hopes for the moisturiser also.

Beauty Body Lotion

An invigorating, reviatalsing and soothing body lotion that left my skin so supple and smooth.
This helped massively ease tight skin, irritated skin and also nourished the skin super well.
Relaxing with the scent also, perfect for night time bathing.

There was no reside left on my skin after use either as it absorbed so well.
This is a superb every day moisturising lotion for your body and highly recommend.

Final Thoughts On Aeos

Having a complete skincare collection makes a huge difference to my skin.
I have never had a full set of products from one brand before so this was new to me.
Finding these products worked so much better together as a set, you get an idea of what you skin needs.
This is why I find sample skincare sets are important as you can see the difference the products make together, rather than apart.

You can get 2-4 weeks use out of it, depending on how much you use.
Some products you got more use out of than others. However you can substitute some pieces for others.

As a set, this is super powerful and oculd see key areas that it worked really well.
For example, redness, dryness and irritation were the big complaints for me and it nourished and soothed my skin so well.
Each one having it’s own way of dealing with my problematic skin.

I would highly recommend this as either a starter kit to try, take away on holiday or as a regular skincare regimen.

You can purchase this from Aeos Skincare which has all products separately or as a set.

*These products were set to test and review honestly.

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