4 Anti-Aging Components that Actually Work

There’s an old joke that if you want to get rich in the beauty or health industry, offer an anti-aging treatment to the women and virility treatment to the men. Whether it worked or not was irrelevant, which is why so many people assume anything marketed for anti-aging is a scam. Here are four anti-aging components that actually work. We’ll also explain why these anti-aging components work without the generic hype like “secret, mysterious cure” or “latest wonder cure”.


Antioxidants are not a cure-all, but the lack of them dramatically affects your body. Without enough vitamin A, vision deteriorates. Vitamin A deficiency is still a cause of night blindness and complete blindness for millions of poor each year. Insufficient vitamin C causes scurvy, eventually loosening one’s teeth and causing scars to reopen. The solution in these cases is ensuring you get enough of these essential vitamins each day. A lack of these vitamins interferes with the body’s ability to repair itself and accelerates aging. You can improve the absorption and protective effect of these materials by using natural retinol cream on your skin to prevent aging; it is also routinely prescribed for acne. Vitamin E creams are regularly used in salves for cracked skin, burns, and surgical scars to facilitate healing.


B-vitamins are used by the body to renew and repair connective tissue. While taking B-vitamins is a start, you can amplify the effect by using skin creams that contain vitamin B. B-3, also called niacinamide, increases free fatty acid levels in the skin, helping it naturally retain moisture and improving circulation in the skin.

Green Tea

Green tea is a natural wonder drug. Drunk as a hot tea, it has a reputation for clearing your sinuses while being a healthy alternative to soda and coffee. Green tea, when used as part of a skin treatment, helps clear up dark circles under your eyes. The antioxidants in the drink are beneficial for the rest of your body. The anti-inflammatories in green tea reduce swelling, whether from environmental exposure, acne, or injury.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has been used as a natural pain reliever for years. Aloe vera is often used to soothe skin irritations like rashes, just as it is used to treat burns and insect stings; its greatest attraction is the ease of growing it in your garden or containers by the window and the ability to break off a leaf and immediately apply aloe to the afflicted area. When mixed with water, the sap is a laxative. Aloe vera, when mixed with facial cream, is a natural remedy for sunburns, wind-damaged skin, and irritations that make aging skin look even worse. It can improve skin elasticity and acts as a moisturizer.


Anti-oxidants and B-vitamins are a necessity to prevent undue aging of the body, while beauty products that contain them are anti-aging components that actually work; this is demonstrated by their medical use and many scientific studies as to their benefits. Green tea and aloe are natural remedies used for treating a variety of ailments that naturally reduce the signs of aging and treat various skin conditions when applied to the outside of the body.

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