Samaya Ayurevedic Skincare Anti-Ageing Cream Vata

Holistic and alternative approaches are something I am really heavily into at the moment so when I had the chance to try Samaya Ayurevedic Skincare Anti-Ageing Cream Vata I was super excited.

Samaya is a natural skincare brand that also provides the perfect balance to life.
With ethics and an outlook that I really love, I knew I would instantly like this product before even trying.
I have been slowly changing my lifestyle and reducing chemicals, balancing myself and creating a harmonised environment.

I have finally reached 30 and my skin has started to show very early signs of ageing, so trying to combat them before they come full force.
I am also finding life extremely stressful at times, I need a balance right now.
This is why I am switching all of my skincare to natural.

A perfect start to your beautiful skin.

Samaya Ayurevedic Skincare Anti-Ageing Cream Vata

I am in awe of the packaging. Each part of this is amazing.
From the card cylinder which houses the bottle, to the frosted glass bottle with the easy to use pump.
This gives the product a opulent feel and is pure luxury.

The card packaging has a white bottom and a brown top, with cushioning inside to protect the glass bottle.
Samaya and the logo is indented into the cardboard which looks lovely.
The bottle is a frosted glass again with the logo and Samaya on the bottle.
The pump is plastic and moulded to fit your thumb or finger when dispensing the product.

Dispensing the product is very easy, I found one pump is enough to cover my whole face. A little goes a long way.
Quite a thick consistency that melts a little when applying to your skin.
Massaging into the skin feels so good, it’s great to use for a little massage before the product absorbs into your skin.
It feels so light on my skin, but very effective.

There is no product residue left on your face which is great, also leaves your skin a little matte feeling.
I like this as I found it creates a fantastic base for foundation, I do not need any additional primer for this.
I can pop it on and pop my make up over on top of it.
A barrier is also created to stop my skin getting irritated or sore from foundation.

After first use, my skin absolutely soaked this up, every little bit.
I found the dryness was so much better just after one use and quenched those dry parts.
Easing my tight skin was prevalent with this moisturiser. Each time I used it, I felt so much relief from my tight skin.

After a week there was a huge change to my skin, well may not be for anyone else but for me it was.
The redness was subsiding, the rosy parts of my face were looking less red and my skin started to smooth out.
Noticing also that my skin was more even and balanced out.
Those pesky spots were reducing and not returning.

After 2 weeks, my skin looked even better.
My skin is slightly pitted from pores, which started to close a little. I had been using another product to tighten them up, however this cream did not settle in my pores and helped close them up slightly.
My skin is so smooth and soft at this point. Dryness has not come back.

A month later, the difference is outstanding.
Redness had completely gone and my skin had absolutely no dryness, no rough patches and no more texture.
The very faint small lines I had are now gone and my skin is as smooth as when I was 20.

I really do adore this cream and will be purchasing this again.

*This product was sent to try and review.

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