8 Websites to Kill Time on Your Computer

We all get those days where there’s seemingly nothing left to do. Your bed is made, your cat is sleeping, the coffee mug is empty and there’s nothing on TV but reruns. Then, you look toward your computer. Well, you don’t have any games installed because it runs like a sloth and reading grandma’s reposts of fake news on Facebook doesn’t sound that all that enticing.

Unbeknownst to you, the computer in front of you has access to a wonderful thing called the internet, which is home to an endless list of websites designed to make time fly by like a fighter jet. These “time killer” websites are all free to use and can provide you with countless hours of enjoyment and, depending on which site you choose to visit, you could just learn a thing or two.


The aptly named “front page of the internet” is home to thousands of communities, each discussing a certain topic. Whether you’re into cars, gaming, fashion, food or something a little more ambiguous like images of bread stapled to trees, there’s a subreddit dedicated to it where you can say whatever’s on your mind. Or simply read what everyone else has to say.


This website combines the joys of online gaming with interesting pieces on board games and other more traditional, offline games. Here you can learn everything there is to know about real world games. Get started by reading their piece on The Best Card Games.

The Wayback Machine

As the name would suggest, The Wayback Machine, gives visitors the opportunity to head back into the past and see what popular websites looked like during any time after their establishment. This allows you to see how society and the internet culture progressed through the years without any skewed perspective.


Think you know your geography? Geoguessr drops players in random locations across the globe with one mission: figure out where on earth you are.

Mental Floss

No need to shudder at the name of the site, it’s not a weird brain-flossing fetish hub. It is however a great place for seasoned thinkers to test their brain muscle with a variety of quizzes, trivia and brain teaser games.

Donald Maroney

This silly novelty takes 30 Rock’s Jenna Maroney and voices her words through the mouth of President Donald Trump. Why? Because why not.


This is another great entry for the geographers out there. Google has taken the liberty of collecting the images their satellites have captured over the years and compiling them onto a nice website for you to marvel at, allowing you to see how the world has progressed in recent years.


This streaming giant is now home to more than just a few gamers. You can now watch streams on a variety of topics and voice your opinion (or just paste silly memes) in the chat. Amazon Prime users get extra benefits, too.

With websites like these, you’ll never be bored again. Just make sure to take a break every now and then. Maybe pet your cat or take a few glamor shots of the fur ball for Reddit.

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