An expert’s guide to working from home

Working from home is a great way to achieve a work-life balance. You don’t have to waste time on commuting, have more flexibility in your home-life, and you can save money on travel or unnecessarily expensive lunches. Statistics find that those who work at home are more productive too, so you should be able to get more work done and have more time for yourself. While all this is true, many do still have concerns about whether working from home is right for them. Have a read through this guide to get an idea of how to make it work for you.


  1. Get organized


When your home is also your workplace, it can be tempting to allow work to take over every part of your life. You need to think about setting work hours and stick to those so that you don’t find yourself checking your emails in bed on an evening. Working regular hours helps you stay focused on task, so you should be more productive and get work done quicker. Then you can enjoy more free time.


  1. Have a set workspace


Setting up a dedicated workspace in your home will help you when it comes to getting into the mindset that you are at work and will help you be more productive. It also helps you, when you step away from that space, assimilate back into daily life so that you can relax. Set yourself up a desk, with a computer and telephone so that you are all ready to go. Business telecoms solutions such as VoIP telephones are usually the way to go for anyone working from home.


  1. Plan your day


The to-do list should always be a part of everyone’s working life and it is no different if you work from home. They help to keep the mind focused on what is important even when distractions hit. Try and get yours done at the end of the working day so that you have a list ready to go in the morning.


  1. Be Computer Savvy


Remember, as a home worker, you will be responsible for all your technology. You can’t ring the IT department and ask them to come and fix a problem, it will all be down to you. To save yourself huge bills at the repair shop you will need to become savvier about the tech that you use.


  1. Avoid Home Distractions


Working from home can be difficult in that you can see all the jobs that need doing around the home piling up around you. If you have set your hours, however, you need to try your best to remember that there will be a time when you can get to that. Try to avoid as many distractions (especially pets such as dogs) as you can so that you can get your work done in the time that you have allocated. Think about screening calls on your personal phone, maybe having a quick tidy of the house in the morning before you get to work and avoiding time sappers such as Facebook.

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