5 reasons why camping is good for your health

Camping makes a great vacation. The US has fabulous national parks and one of the best ways to enjoy them is on a camping trip. Gorgeous scenery, fending for yourself, and enjoying quality leisure time either with yourself, family or friends are all good reasons to go camping. And there are other good reasons why camping is good for your health and better than a package holiday.




Camping helps with problem solving

One of the interesting things about camping is that you don’t have all the things around you that you use to take shortcuts at home. This means when camping you have to be clever and find ways of doing things differently. This can be anything from erecting to the tent to finding and cutting wood for a fire. Camping can also challenge you before you even set off on your trip, if you choose to van camp rather than tent camp. Put your skills to the test and refurbish a vehicle for camping. Parked in Paradise offer van product recommendations to help your project picked from these exhaustive DIY Campervan conversion plans.




It is great for children’s education

There is nothing quite like to great outdoors to stimulate a child’s curiosity. Outside the confines of the classroom, Mother Nature is exciting, fun, interesting, and even better for kids, a little bit dangerous. Learning outdoors in nature feels nothing like learning in the classroom and playing out in nature has a number of benefits.




It helps you sleep better

You might imagine that a smaller (or even, no) bed, fewer home comforts, and the sounds of nature at night might lead to worse sleep, but many people report sleeping much better when camping than at home. All that fresh air, physical activity, and relaxed contentment induces better sleep.




It increases your vitamin D intake

Vitamin D is essential to help the body absorb the vital nutrients calcium and phosphate that are in the food you eat. It is one of the most unusual vitamins because its main source is not food but sunshine, and it therefore follows that by spending more time outdoors when camping it is going to boost your intake of vitamin D.




It leads to increased exercise

The activities when on a camping holiday naturally lend to more physical activity. The basic needs of shelter, food and hygiene take more effort than at home, including the initial setting up of the tent, campervan or RV. Then, without a beach to lounge on or a pool to swim in, or a bar to relax in, the fun things on a camping trip are making the most of the outdoors by walking, trekking, biking, and whatever activities are on offer in your chosen destination. These can be anything from rock climbing to horse riding to water sports.




Camping is a fabulous experience that the whole family can enjoy and can also be enjoyed by the solo traveller.

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