Reasons To Consider Online Therapy

At times many of us feel like we are not coping too well with life or certain situations and feel we need some guidance and support at a more deeper level. There are many reasons to consider online therapy and I will go through a few of them.

Therapy can be used for an array of reasons in many forms, from EMDR, CBT and even talking therapies. We can use them to help with a whole array of issues.

There is many reasons why you should consider online therapy and here is some to think about.

Reasons To Consider Online Therapy


Generally the costs are much lower with online thready and this is because there are less outgoing costs for the therapist such as travel and office space.

Due to lower overall costs for the therapist, this means they can keep their costs low where you are just paying for their time and their skills/knowledge.

This is always a good thing to consider and factor in when choosing the best online therapybest online therapy service.


Ease for us is something we think about with our every day lives. Some people may have limited time to see a therapist so doing it when you have a spare hour at your convenience is much easier.

Also you can do it from the comfort of your own home which may make you feel you can open up easier and be more comfortable in your own space.

Accepted by insurance

In the US – insurance companies are more inclined to accept online therapists due to the lower costs overall. This means for the person having the therapy, more is covered and less to pay out too.

Should you have a private healthcare, they may offer this also as an option, rather than going to a brisk and mortar place.

Keep in touch easier

Generally with therapists, you may be given a contact number in emergencies however this is only office hours and as they are busy with clients, you may not get to speak to them.

However a number of online therapists have access to them more frequently, or at least with some companies they have several therapists you can talk to in a crisis.

Appointment at your convenience

You can arrange appointments more at your convenience and even later in the day where most therapists work standard 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday which does not suit many people who also work these hours.

Getting time off work can be hard, so knowing that online therapists work a more varied time frame, means it works for us too and we are not missing out on work.

There are many reasons to consider the option for online counselling and it is wise to look at the pro’s and con’s then make an informed decision.

Always remember you can check the reputation of the therapist and ensure they are registered with the right bodies.

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