7 ways to keeping your body healthy & having fun

Ideally, people would spend at least 5 days a week doing a 30-minutes balanced workout program of flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular exercises. But, for many, this is neither appealing nor realistic as exercising often feels like work. The goal here is to encourage people to make physical activity something they can enjoy long-term. It’s all about finding the right activity that’s also fun to do like:





Dancing is a great way to lose some fats while having a good time. While there are several types of dances to help you stay in shape, it’s all about feeling the rhythm. You can go out dancing with friends, take dance lessons, or simply pump up the music when you are home alone and just dance. Dancing engages your core and gets your heart pumping in no time, giving you an awesome total workout.




Zumba is a popular fitness dance class that has taken the world by storm. This aerobic workout incorporates body movements from Latin-based dances like meringue, salsa, and flamenco, to give you a high-energy physical activity. The music is great and the moves are so much fun. Zumba classes can be found in most gyms, or simply find a class online and do it at home.




The hula-hoop craze is no longer just child’s play. It has emerged as a great cardio workout that whittles your waist and tones your thighs, hips, buttocks, lower back muscles, and abdominals. Even though it’s a low-impact activity, it still manages to raise your heart rate. Revisit your childhood as you keep your body healthy.



Playing Tennis

Competitive sports are another enjoyable way to lose fat. When it comes to playing tennis, all the serves, pivots, slams, and sprints require you to exert a lot of energy. And really, regardless of the outcome of the match, you still have fun and get a great workout session. This sport also improves your focus, agility, and reflexes. To begin your journey to a long-term healthy body, Racquet Sports Center’s recommended tennis racquets, comfortable shoes and clothes, tennis balls, not forgetting useful accessories like sunglasses.




Skating is a great alternative to running as it’s easier on the joints and still builds your lower body strength. The good news is you can do it during all seasons. Both inline skating and ice skating are good calorie burners.




Fencing is like a physical chess match, whereby you have to learn to anticipate your opponent’s next move and quickly react to it. It incorporates intense arm and foot workouts while toning the thigh muscles, stomach, and the buttocks. It’s also an exciting physical activity that improves coordination, speed, and flexibility.



Rope Jumping

While it may seem simple, you’ll be surprised at how demanding and rewarding rope jumping can be. In fact, it can burn the same amount of calories as running. And, with all the tricks that come with it like double-dutch, criss-cross, and side-swings, there’s plenty to keep you entertained and challenged. This is a budget-friendly workout, plus the ropes are perfectly portable, making it perfect at home and on the go.

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