NSPA Fresh Apple and Zesty Lime Skincare

I need awakening and vibrant products for my morning routine, something that can perk me up in the morning. So when I was asked to try the NSPA Fresh Apple and Zesty Lime skincare, how could I refuse?This is a new range that includes:

Fresh Apple and Zesty Lime Face Wash
Fresh Apple and Zesty Lime Face Scrub
Fresh Apple and Zesty Lime Moisture Cream

The scent of the entire range is absolutely stunning. It’s vibrant, fresh and very zingy.

It’s perfect for the morning and I have reviewed each product below.

Fresh Apple and Zesty Lime Face Wash

I really like my face washes coming in packaging with a pump.When you are half asleep in the morning, there is nothing easier than pushing a pump down and applying the face wash to your face.

One pump dispenses enough to cleanse my face.

I use this face wash with my Magnitone Lucid cleansing brush to give optimum cleansing results.

The cleanser does not strip my skin and my skin does not feel tight or dry after use either.

The scent is amazing, as I said before, the entire range smells the same. Apple with a hit of lime.

It foams up well and cleanses so deeply.

After a week of constant use, my skin started to appear less spotty and blemishes had stopped coming up,

The more I use the cleanser, the more my skin clears up and did not have any break outs at all.

Fresh Apple and Zesty Lime Face Scrub

I am a huge fan of face scrubs but I find some are too harsh and make my skin really red and sore.

However this scrub is completely different.

It has natural walnut and apricot as an exfoliant so you are not clogging up your pipes with man-made beads.

It’s a rich, creamy facial scrub that melts into your skin and creates a barrier so the exfoliant is not rough on your skin.

Gently buffing off the dead skin and smoothing your skin, this exfoliator does the job with amazing results.

Eventually my skin was clearer and I noticed the blackheads were diminishing.

My skin felt so smooth and soft after use.

And of course, the scent is amazing.

Fresh Apple and Zesty Lime Moisture Cream

Now this moisuturiser I am absolutely in love with, no joke!

The best part about the moisturiser is that it is a mattifying moisturiser so my skin does not look greasy.

It’s the perfect base for makeup as it leaves my skin perfectly prepped and primed.

Straight away it starts absorbing into my skin and leaving my skin nourished, perfected and oh the scent again!

It helped keep my skin clear and is a nice, lightweight moisturiser so does not cause breakouts.

I prefer using this in the morning as it keeps my make up in place all day long.

Would like to see a few more products in the range like a face mask, wipes for on the go and even a night cream.

What is even better, these products are really affordable too!

You can purchase them from Asda

Have you tried the NSPA range from Asda yet?

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