Christmas Shopping Frustration

Yes that is right, I have my very own Christmas shopping frustration. Just recently I have been looking around the internet with a long list of things my family wants.

Every year, my budget seems to be getting bigger and bigger, or the list of things people want is becoming larger and more expensive.

I always think ‘This year I am spending x amount’ but in reality I always go way over.

Really, I need to make more use of deals and voucher codes with finding the best way to stretch my money.

At the moment I am finding it really hard to find good bargains and seems the prices are high or there is no offers available.

Since some companies have closed down, there is less competition out there especially with toys. I used to love the 3 for 2 deals and such, but they seem non-existent at the moment. Or if they do, it;s the rubbish that no one wants to purchase.

I spent a long time Googling deals sites and found some codes did not work, it became frustrating.

Then I started to use an online deals site like Sello which I found such good deals for my Christmas shopping expedition.

Lego is one main item on my list for my youngest, we get Minecraft sets and the prices for these are genuinely insane! So of course, I need to find the best deals for these so we can get more.

Some of the sets are £200, so you need a lot of money to make it look like you are getting a lot of things. Not sure if it is me, but having more than one present to open is a must.

Once year I did the one large present, an xbox and I felt so bad. So now I try to get expensive things for birthdays and purchase more presents for Christmas.

I always seem to get to this time of year and kick myself that I missed out on so many deals. Should I have gone for the deals early on and stashed them somewhere?

Well the pro’s and cons of this are… forgetting what you have. I have doubled up on things before because I forgot I already purchased it.

Cons are of course, the amazing deals and money saving I have.

I still have some time, but don’t want to leave it too late and panic buy last minute, then freak out that everything is so expensive.

Googling is a must, get these deals, coupons/vouchers and shop around! You always find something cheaper elsewhere.

Are you like me and stuck in a rut with what to do for Christmas?

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