5-Star Travel For Budget Travellers



Do you love poring over the pages of travel magazines and looking at all the luxury holiday ideas? Or maybe you regularly wander past deluxe hotels and wonder if you’ll ever be able to afford a couple of nights in one of their rooms? Well, you’ll be happy to hear that it is totally easy to experience 5-star travel even if you are on a budget! Read on to find out more.


Take Your Car


Flights and other forms of transport can quickly add up. As a result of paying so much for travel, you might have to scrimp and save on your hotel. However, there is one way you can get around this – you just need to take your car with you whenever possible. Even if you decide to go to Europe and take your car on the ferry with you, this will work out a lot cheaper there than flying and relying on public transport at your destination. All those public transport charges can quickly add up!


Travel As A Group


One way you can experience a luxury boutique hotel experience without paying full price is to travel as a group. When you travel alone or need your own room, you will have to pay full price. But, sharing a room with someone, even if it is a twin room, can really bring down your final bill at your accommodation. It’s also worth looking at luxury self-catered accommodation. There are lots of cottages and apartments that you can share with your large group of friends, and they always work out remarkably cheap.



Think Carefully About Your Destination


Obviously, some destinations are going to be more expensive than others. For instance, popular tourist hotspots like London and New York City are going to come with some very expensive price tags. If you go to some less-popular cities, though, you will find that accommodation is relatively cheaper, even their 5-star hotels. So, rather than New York City, why not check out Boston? And instead of London, you could enjoy a weekend in Manchester instead! If you are travelling abroad, don’t forget that it is also worth looking at destinations where you can get cheap flights to.


Don’t Set Your Heart On One Destination


It’s a good idea to always try and be spontaneous when it comes to travelling. That’s because prices fluctuate so much and specific destination might have cheap flights one day while the next, they go through the roof. So, be as flexible as possible with your travel dates and destination. One nice idea is to use a website like Skyscanner and select their ‘travel anywhere’ option. You then enter your preferred travel dates and the website will tell you where you can fly to the cheapest on those days. So, be open about your destination and dates, and you never know where you might end up!


Hopefully, all of these cool tips will help you enjoy a luxury 5-star holiday for a much smaller budget. Hope you have an amazing time!

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