A Cheat’s Guide To Adding Hair Volume



A lot of women suffer from hair volume challenges. Sometimes it’s a permanent thing, and other times it’s just the way your hair feels on that particular day. Either way, it’s a common issue that will often leave you feeling frustrated with your limp and lifeless hair that is near impossible to style. The good news is there are solutions for any problem, and when it comes to adding volume, there are a few things you can do. We’re going to take a look at some of your options right now in our cheat’s guide to volumizing – let’s take a closer look.


Use a different part


Most women have a preference for where they part their hair. It falls naturally there, and suits you best, so it’s an easy and obvious thing to do. However, over the years your hair has learned to part itself, and in doing so, it starts to lie a little flat. So, if you change the way you part your locks, it should give you an instant lift in the volume department. Use a light hairspray and a couple of clips to hold it in place, and you’ll have hair that wouldn’t look out of place in the ‘80s in no time at all.


Use root-boosting products


While we’re on the subject of your roots, it’s important to treat them well if you want bigger hair. Ultimately, it’s your roots that provide the support for the rest of your hair, and if you use root-boosting products, it will add the volume you need. The great thing about this type of product is that once you wash them in – on wet hair, every time – they can last for several days.



Hair extensions


Whatever they try, some women will just never be able to enjoy lustrous and voluminous hair. It could be the way your hair falls, or it might be down to thinning. In cases such as these, don’t be afraid to cheat, big-time. Hair extensions will give you the opportunity to enjoy different styles on a daily basis, and you can keep them in for months at a time – possible longer. In the past, many folks would avoid hair extensions, but the reality these days is that they look incredibly natural and realistic – so why not give them a try?


The sleeping bun


I’ve written about this tactic used by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley before, and it works so well I’ll do so again! Go to sleep with a neat, tight bun, and when you wake up, you’ll find your hair is perfectly curled – not just adding volume but also a wavy, lustrous look. It’s a fantastic tip – and easy – and an example of how a little forward planning can mean brilliant results.


The hot roll


Finally, don’t forget about our old friends, the hot rollers. They are an awesome product that has fallen out of fashion somewhat, but they work to perfection when it comes to adding volume. Hair rollers are incredibly user-friendly, too – just chuck them in when you are doing your makeup and after 20 minutes or so, blow dry and let them cool before taking them out. A little hairspray will keep your curls in place for the rest of the day.

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