Why Employers Insist on Clear Drug Tests

Consuming opiates can damage health and affect psycho-physical abilities in humans. Employers are aware of this irrefutable fact, so they’re asking their workers to do regular drug tests. However, this is an area with many controversial opinions, especially since the use of marijuana for medical purposes has become popularized.

Drug testing is not a pleasant experience. Employees can refer to human rights about the possibility of free choice, but also about compromising privacy. There are a lot of dilemmas, but the factual situation is that your employer can ask for a drug test anytime, especially if it is a highly responsible position or a risky job. Websites like https://cleardrugtests.com/ can help you to pass these tests, but in general, the best way is to abstain before the test. Or not to use suspicious substances at all.

Are the Employers Obliged to Inform You about the Drug Test?


Whether the test will require the company itself, or it will be prescribed by the law, depends on many factors. Some industrial activities are obligated to test their employees during the interview process, before hiring, while others may conduct sporadic tests. In areas such as construction, transport of goods and passengers, medicine or education, these tests are mandatory.

If you think of the reasons, it’s pretty logical why companies in these sectors require drug testing. These are jobs which, in a direct or indirect way, involve other persons. Therefore, many professions in industrial areas are highly responsible or even risky (for example, mining, air transport, and height works).

In this way, the employer wants to prevent every possible risky situation that could endanger human lives, but also its image and position on the market. Especially if it’s a very successful company, potential competitors are waiting for every wrong move to take over the primacy in the business field.

Observed by workers, these tests may not seem fair, but every company wants to secure its business and stay on the market. However, a certain tolerance on test results should exist. Some companies have a policy of announcing drug tests up to two weeks in advance, while others have an allowed margin of toleration on the substances found in workers’ samples.

Company Can Ask for a Test to Protect Its Interest


The law is equal for all, and in case of drug testing, the rights of both workers and employers must be protected. When applying for a job, if you are concerned about the possible drug test, you should check the state law and the internal regulations of the company. Of course, you can also get this info from employees, since this is not a business secret.

Also, it’s good to know which information and data your employer shouldn’t ask for. Therefore, you don’t have an obligation to provide information regarding anything that may be grounds for discrimination, unless the employer has a legal basis to ask for it.

What those information are, read on this page: https://www.thebalancecareers.com/10-questions-employers-should-never-ask-in-an-interview-4083114.

A simple example: a construction worker suffered an injury at the workplace. Before that, he has a documented history of “strange” behavior. The employer, if there is evidence, can request all necessary tests, in order to determine who was guilty of the accident. This is one of the exceptional cases. For regular drug tests, it is generally known when the company asks for them, or the employer announces it earlier.



Types of Drug Test


The testing process depends mostly on the type of work. The tests are usually a routine; but when it comes to more responsible positions, employers can request specific analyses to determine whether you are a regular user or not. Drug tests use body fluids samples; the reference values ​​can vary so as the tolerance limit. The employer doesn’t have to tell your test results – just whether you have passed or not.

The urine and spit analyses are easiest to perform, and the costs are low. Employees just must ensure samples. The hair follicle test is what workers should be afraid of. This test is more complex than others, requires extra time, and higher costs. It’s performed in some cases to detect chronic opiate consumption, and employers opt for it only when it’s unavoidable.

Blood test is one of the basic biochemical analyzes that employees should do if their job requires it. This test gives the most relevant results, and experts use it when they are doubtful about saliva or urine drug test results.

Besides cannabis, the tricky part is that even the use of some painkillers is considered as a narcotic consumption. Regardless of the reasons why a person uses marijuana, the right of every employer is to be informed about the activities of his employee, especially if they have an impact on their work performance.

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