5 ways to Save Energy During the Cold Winter Months

The cold winter months can prove to be a time of financial struggle for many families.  With so many expenses including holiday shopping, meals and those pesky monthly bills, people search for ways to free up their budgets and avoid breaking the bank. One of those regular finances being keeping your home heated has solutions. Save money and put dollars back in your pocket by reading our guide on 5 ways to save energy during the winter months.


If you are looking for more ways to reduce your home’s heating bill consider using energy efficient lights and purchasing some highly effect products to keep your fireplace running efficiency.


Here at Testing Time, we believe that home improvements are a must, so we are always looking at ways to save energy during winter.


Find and seal leaks

You have to find leaks before you will able to fix them. Luckily for you, there are many ways to successfully check for air leaks in your home. Start this process by checking the areas of your home where different building materials meet. You know, like where the outside paneling meets the brick-built fireplace. Air could be escaping through cracks and gaps. Reduce your homes heating bill by checking for cracks and gaps. Most common areas for this problem happen near outlets, windows and door frames. To seal cracks and gaps less than a quarter inch wide, it is best to use caulk. Foam sealants are best used to seal larger cracks and holes, though the foam should only be used in areas that are protected from direct sunlight and moisture. This goes to show that finding and sealing leaks within your home does not have to be a difficult task.

Use energy-efficient holiday lights

LED light are an amazing energy efficient item as the use 90% less electricity over their tradition Christmas light competitor. Consider using fiber optic decorations. They are the best thing in energy efficient holiday decorating! Make sure to set timers on decoration and limit the use. Keeping your holiday decorations lit up during the daylight hours is a waste of energy and a waste of money.

Reduce heat loss through the fireplace

Did you know that nearly 80% of the heat produced by a fireplace is lost through the chimney? That is a significant waste, however, there are several ways you can reduce heat loss through your fireplace and save energy. Take advantage of energy saving accessories for fireplaces that are on the market. Products like flue sealers, doors and covers, heat exchangers and interests can improve the efficiency of your fireplace by nearly 70%.  Regular inspections and maintenance by a professional will ensure that your fireplace is effectively sealed and show a significant decrease in your heating bills.

Take advantage of sunlight

Take advantage of sunlight as an energy saver during the winter months by keeping shades open during the day to let the rays in and warm your home. Keep them closed at night to prevent heat from escaping.

Reduce water heating costs

Water heating can account for up to 12% of your household utility bill. There many ways you can reduce costs and save energy with the effective and efficient use of water usage and heating. First, make taking short showers a habit. Use warm baths and long, hot showers as a luxurious treat instead of wasting large amount of water daily. You can save 3% on heating costs just by lowering your water heaters thermostat 10 degrees. Do not let water run and repair leaks as soon as they surface. Finally, use cold water when doing laundry unless the fabrics specifically say otherwise.

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