Wella Oil Reflections Range – Review

Wella Oil Reflections is a completely new range to me and I have not tried them before.

Dry hair is my main hair concern, especially in winter. My usual glossy, straight hair is dry, frizzy and hard to maintain.
Dullness takes over my hair and I dislike my hair a lot. To the point where I constantly wear it up.

I was sent some wonderful new products from the Wella Oil Reflections collection range.

I was rather excited to give this a go as my hair certainly needed some help.

Products that I received are: Wella Oil Reflections Luminous Reveal Shampoo, Wella Oil Reflections Luminous Instant Conditioner and Wella Oil Reflections Luminous Smoothing Oil.

I will review them all separately.

Wella Oil Reflections Luminous Reveal Shampoo

A funky, white bottle that looks sleek, cool and edgy.
The lid you press down and the other side pops up with a small opening.
Easy to dispense enough product and the bottle keeps the shape after use.

Consistency is thick, clear and foams up really well.
It’s a very rich later which I liked, it cleansed really well.

Super in love with the scent, it is a little floral and very clean scent.
I found the scent lasted on my hair over 24 hours, could smell it the next day also.

Very easy to rinse out, there was no residue left behind and my hair was smooth.

A couple of times I tried the shampoo alone to see what the condition of my hair was alone, just using the shampoo.

I found my hair was not at all dry, wasn’t like straw and felt rather soft.
Using this shampoo on it’s own I would consider as there was no worrying about the condition of my hair.

Only issue was fly away hair, I had quite a bit and rather static like however the conditioner changed this, as below.

Wella Oil Reflections Luminous Instant Conditioner

Admittedly I do like squeezy bottles for conditioner as I find it easier to get the product out of.
Same as the shampoo bottle, it has gold lettering in a nice style.

A very thick cream with the same floral styled scent, scent lasts on the hair for ages also.

You are supposed to leave on your hair for 30 seconds, however once a week I leave in for 10 minutes to really penetrate my hair.
I found this did intensify the nourishment on my hair.

Rinsing out was easy, there was no residue left and did not weigh my hair down or make it greasy.

I found this controlled my fly away hair and once dry, my hair was super smooth and so glossy.
Another thing that is cool, there was absolutely no tangles.
I have very long hair and it tangles super easy, but there was none when I used this conditioner.

My hair feels and looks marvellous, I absolutely love how soft, smooth and shiny my hair is after use.

A huge love from me!

Wella Oil Reflections Luminous Smoothing Oil

Hair oils I use religiously as I love the smoothness of my hair after using them.
When my hair is incredibly dry, these can be a lifesaver.

Such a dinky bottle this comes in, but believe me, you need one pump for your hair. That is all!

Such a beautifully scented oil, it is sweet with a little nuttiness. Stays on the hair for hours too. Even next morning I can still faintly detect it.

It’s such a smooth texture but doesn’t leave hair greasy and that is very important with an oil. It is quite like a dry oil.
Leaves hair shiny without the greasy looking residue.

It’s super easy to apply, just run through ends of hair and style as usual. You can also use it on dry hair and style as usual.

Hair is glossy, smooth and super soft.

A thirst quenching, nourishing oil that leaves hair looking fabulous.

Final Thoughts

As a combo, these products leave my hair so shiny, soft and ultra nourished.

My hair looks so well looked after, it looks like I have just had my hair professionally styled and used a shine spray after.

I still can’t get over the lack of dry ends, they look freshly cut and smooth.

Texture of my hair is amazing, it’s so soft now and has a gorgeous shine to it, without looking greasy.

I am totally impressed with this brand and the range. I will be purchasing this again.

Have you tried the Wella Oil Reflections range?

*These products were sent to try and see how I got on. The review is of my own wording.

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