Ways To Keep Yourself Ageless

I am now in my 30’s and I am always looking at new ways to keep myself as ageless as possible. For me, personally having cosmetic surgery is a no so I try to find other ways to look at keeping my skin looking fresh and wrinkle free.

So far I am doing pretty well at it.

Now, I thought it would be good to share some little hacks I find help in keeping my skin looking it’s best.

Ways To Keep Yourself Ageless


Water is very valuable with ways to keep yourself ageless.

A great way to keep your skin hydrated because as we age, our skin can get very dry. It is the one essential I always advise to do to ensure your skin stays hydrated and plump.

We don’t want dry, sallow skin do we?

Skincare Routine

Find a skincare routine that is perfect for your skin type and your age.

Some companies have skincare lines specifically for over 40, over 50, over 60 and so forth.

Research goes into what skincare is best for your age and brands like L’Oreal uses this research to provide the best skincare for your age and concerns.

Use oils if your skin is dry, Rosehip oil is probably the best I have found. It also has antioxidants which enrich your skin.

With cleanser, avoid facial wipes and face washes as they can strip the skin too much. Instead look for balm, hot cloth or other types of cleansers that cleanse really well but provide a barrier to your skin also. Cleansing balms are great for dehydrated skin.


Yes you might groan at this but I do find supplements can help too!

I use a hair and nail one with biotin for my hair and then look for one specifically formulated for skin that contains extra collagen.

Coenzyme Q10 is also another to look out for!

You can more information in this article about supplements.

Skincare for your age

I know I previously touched upon this but using particular skincare for your age is very beneficial. As our skin ages, we lose things such as collagen and our skin becomes papery and dry.

Research your age group and what products will aid in ensuring your skin is looking at it’s best!

Removing pollution/smoke

We can never fully remove pollution from our lives, but taking extra time to cleanse your skin will ensure that you are removing any bad stuff from your skin.

It is really important that we are making sure we are using procudts that barrier our skin from pollution and other nasty things roaming about in the air.

This will avoid your skin becoming damaged and keep it looking great.

Sun protection

A very important option! Well, I think so anyway.

The sun can really harm our skin and age it much faster. Personally I keep the sun off my skin as much as possible and ensure that my skin is protected with a good factor 30 or higher.

This will stop age spots, premature ageing and scaries like cancer.

All in all, there is many ways to protect your skin, we can never battle ageing, well unless you decide to go down the surgical route.

But keeping our skin in tip top condition will help stop everything else ageing our skin quicker.

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