L’Or des Pharaons Anti-Aging Skin Mist – Review

L’Or des Pharaons (Gold of the Pharaohs) anti-aging skin mist is a totally new thing for me.

This mist is purified and revitalized water containing monatomic, diatomic and nanoclusters of pure gold, pure platinum and pure zinc.

This wonderful mist was created from the uses of gold from Pharaohs. Gold was considered as a gift from the Gods and used to keep young, healthy and looking beautiful.

Taking this into consideration and using zinc and platinum, this face mist was created.

L’Or des Pharaons Anti-Aging Skin Mist

The mist comes in a little blue box, simple with gold writing and detail.

Bottled in a very dark little glass spray bottle, easy to use pump.

You only need to use 1-5 pumps of this across your face. I found I needed 3.

One along forehead and each side of the face. This covered really well.

There is no scent at all to this mist. Perfect if you wanted something with no scent in.

It dries in a few minutes, as it is pure water and no alcohol, it can take a few minutes to sink in and absorb.

I didn’t notice anything different after first use, skin felt less tight but that was about it really.
The results took a few weeks and then I saw the difference.

Three Weeks Later

So it is now 3 weeks later and I have certainly noticed a difference in how my skin is looking.

The biggest thing I noticed is around my eye area, it looks less puffy and dark.
Especially over the holidays, I became really lethargic and it was noticeable on my skin.
But this gem helped me so much, I looked less ill.

The grey faded on my skin and started to look more healthy.

Redness I noticed had gone down so much so there was barely any. Even around my nose, it looked great.

I didn’t notice any hydration benefits, but I wouldn’t think it had any. But a good moisturiser cures that.

My skin feels slightly tighter, not uncomfortable. I started to show slight signs of ageing especially around my eyes and it certainly smoothed that area alone.

I really liked this spray, it’s very gentle and of course no baddies or perfume. Great for sensitive skin.

*I was sent these products to try and write a review in my own words

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