Top 10 Strange Beauty Trends And Hacks

Instagram is full of random, weird and strange beauty hacks and trends. From the fabulous to the really weird.

The internet is also full of them and you see them shared around Facebook.

So I am going to do the top 10 weirdest and strangest beauty trends and hacks going.

Hangover Makeup

Yes, this is a real thing! I first saw this circulating around Instagram, many were showing off their ‘hungover’ or ‘just woken’ selfies with smeared lipstick, mascara running down face.
Basically, when you make up after a bad night out and feel rough as anything.
This never caught on, thankfully.

Armpit Hairdye

I am all for embracing the ‘can’t be bothered shaving’ look, I just wear something that covers my armpits.
But another trend was dying the armpit hair vibrant colours. From red to blue, they were all colours of the rainbow and more.
Another trend that really never caught on.

Vibrantly Dyed Eyebrows

Following on from coloured armpit hair, people were dying their brows a multitude of colours.
Having the same hair colour, that is pretty cool. But blue brows and brown hair?
Just had me constantly asking why? Why, why why?

Vampire Facials

Okay I never really got this, having needles rolled along your skin and blood massaged everywhere.
I never really saw any benefit to it, apart from maybe having a scabby face for a while.
I thought it was a bit unhygienic and rather gross.
But whatever floats your boat hey? This trend is still on going, thanks to many stars having it done and photographing on Instagram.

Anal Bleaching

I never knew why people did this for a cosmetic reason. I mean, who cares what colour it is?
Who even looks?
It was something that always baffled me, but hey if it makes you happy.
Should you want to consider it, feel free to check out this anal bleaching guide.

Dryer Sheets On Hair

Apparently rubbing a tumble dryer sheet on your hair will stop flyaway hairs.
I am not sure why this would work, I would assume would be the opposite effect with the fabric making a static charge.
But f it works, cool? At least your hair will smell fresh.

Longer Lashes Hacks

Now, this got me. Recently I have seen many variations to make lashes thicker and longer.
Usually it is vaseline, then can use baby powder or finishing powder then your mascara after.
I did try this and it ruined my beloved mascara. My lashes looked clumpy and like spider legs.
Another was a coat of mascara, then baby powder, then another coat of mascara.
This didn’t really work either, just had clumpy lashes again.
Use it with an old mascara, don’t ruin a good one.


Vajazzle has been doing the rounds for years now, I never understood this either.
I mean, who really is going to see down there other than your other half?
Can you imagine, stray diamante’s everywhere? No, just… no haha!

Coca Cola or Beer Hair

Washing hair with coca cola or beer has been floating around for a while now.
I have used beer products a few years ago and my hair was amazing.
But to pour actual beer or coca cola all over? Can just imagine it will be really sticky and messy.
This is not one for me.

Orange/Red Lipstick Under Eyes

Now this one I tried several times. I have terrible dark circles and I saw on Instagram and Pintrest to use red or orange lipstick under eyes then blend, cover with concealer.
I tried this and my eyes were awful, they were red, stained or could not cover.
I did use a salmon pink eyeshadow lightly and this colour corrected, but lipstick? No, too pigmented.

Have you come across any weird or strange beauty hacks or trends?

*This is a collaboration post

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