Looking To Privately Rent?

Most people privately rent their home, with mortgages becoming harder and harder to get, we are all looking to the private rent sector. Council/social housing is a no with waiting lists up to 15 years, people are finding their homes by other means.

However, one thing you should know is your rights.

There are many fantastic landlords out there, but occasionally there are some truly bad ones.
I had my share of good and bad, but knowing my rights is something that can be beneficial.

Shoe on the other foot, it is also a good idea to know your rights as a landlord also.

When initially looking at houses, check everything. Make sure there is nothing that needs repairing, if so ensure this is pointed out when viewing. If you move in and not completed, point out again.

Take photographs of anything broken, the floors, doors and other things. Any marks, point it out and take a picture.

Ask for recent gas safety checks, this is very important.

When paying a deposit, your deposit needs to be protected by a deposit protection scheme. This ensures that you get your deposit back if there is no issues.

A landlord has a job to ensure your home is in a good state, there is no outstanding repairs and the home is liveable.
If there is anything that is broken or no longer working that came with the house or a fixture then this will need repairing in good timing.

Report anything straight away, then you are not liable when you move out.

Keep a paper trail of correspondence, if you send emails print them out. Any letters, keep a copy and any original documentation from the landlord.

Should you want to decorate, contact the landlord or letting agency and make sure you can decorate or make changes to the home.
Although you live there and it’s your home, the house is owned by someone else and therefor it is down to them whether you can do any changes to the house.

There is a great infographic regarding landlords from HomeLet which provides some valuable information.


Do you privately rent your home or consider privately renting?

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