Tired, Boring Hair? What A Nightmare!

I don’t know why but I am becoming so tired of having boring hair. I dye my hair bright red but sometimes I want something different. So when I was asked to create a sponsored post on wigs, how could I say no? I mean, tired, boring hair. Come on!

Unfortunately I am one of few that can not bleach their hair without it falling apart or becoming awful so can’t have the bright, funky colours I wish to have.

So that got me thinking ‘How can I change my hair frequently without permanent damage to my hair? How can I change my tired, boring hair?’

Well the answer was simple, wigs!

Right, think about it, wigs are the simple option to change your hair style frequently.

You ask anyone who wears wigs and you will get an array of answers as to why they wear wigs.
From hair loss to fine hair, time saving and having the option to change your colour in the space of a minute.

Wigs are becoming very fashionable now for many reasons stated above, you see your favourite YouTubers changing their hair often, your favourite Instagrammers rocking the latest style or colour.

So many companies, so many styles, so many colours.
Your problem would be choosing the style you want that fits with your outfit or your mood.

Tired, boring hair? Well, why wigs?

Easy answer is the ease. No more tired, boring hair.

Ease of changing your hair each day. Wearing something dark and want vibrant hair to rock your latest pair of shoes? Well you can do that with a wig.

Why waste time styling your hair when you can pop a beautiful pre styled wig on and off you go, out of the door looking fabulous.

I have very fine hair so wigs are a good way to have thicker, longer and beautiful hair instead of the mess I have right now.

Wigs have come a long way in recent years, they are sleek, natural looking and styled so beautifully that you never have to touch a pair of GHD’s again!

Another issue I face is how straight my natural hair is, I can not keep a curl longer than 5 minutes.
They drop out within minutes and my hair looks so boring, tired and dull. I hate having tired, boring hair.

It’s the most convenient way to change your hair frequently.

One website I had a look at was Divatress who have some truly fabulous wigs.
From sleek and modern to bright and fashionable. You will truly find your style here.

They look natural, good quality and also amazing prices. I could easily afford quite a few different designs without stretching my budget.

They have so many types of wigs so if you have a preference to how the wig sits, you will find it here.
Also each design comes in an array of colours from blonde, black and brown to the more colourful hues of pink, purple and blue.

Have you tried wigs yet? What is your views on wearing a wig?

*This is a sponsored post

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