Shay & Blue Framboise Noire – Review

I am starting to have a nice collection of perfume and fragrances so of course I had to review Shay & Blue Framboise Noire that I purchased.

What attracted me to this perfume, is the packaging.
Such gorgeous cute packaging that I would keep on my shelving, as I do keep some perfume packaging or re-use as storage.

Shay & Blue Framboise Noire is contained in a gorgeous blue box with a nautical striped bow that encases the box.

Inside is housed a cute, blue glass bottle with a gold lid.

Simplicity wise, this bottle is very sleek. Elegance oozes with the blue, simple theme.
Striking as possibly a subtle perfume, but it’s not at all.

Shay & Blue Framboise Noire – The Scent

Upon first impression, scent wise this is straight up, fresh berries.
Giving a burst of red and black berries, however this does not last very long.

Shortly after, the deep tones come in, dark and woody enveloping the berry scent.

There is a shot of deep spice to this perfume, giving it a completely new scent after it has settled down.

I’d say this is a very deep perfume, strong and potent so only a little is needed.

Shay & Blue Framboise Noire is vibrant with berries, then dark with the wood and finally spice giving a totally new look on this perfume.

I found the spice doesn’t last long and dries down fully as a woody, raspberry scented perfume.

Longevity of the perfume is long. I could still smell this the next day.

Final Thoughts

I wouldn’t wear this as an every day perfume, this is more for night time or going out.
It’s too dark personally for every day wear.

It smells out of this world, it is like nothing I have tried before and this is why I really like Shay & Blue. Especially the Shay & Blue Framboise Noire perfume.

A very berry, wooden, spicy and sensual perfume.

*This product I purchased myself