Recind Beauty Kit – Review

I love having my own little skincare kits full of skincare with everything from eye cream, moisturiser to even BB cream.

Tending to stick to the same brands, this is the perfect box for all lovers of skincare.

This will be a long review so I do apologise, but it’s a good one as there is 5 products in this box. Yes, 5!

Recind is a totally new brand for me, can’t wait to get stuck in.

With so many products, you know this will be a great gift or something to treat yourself.


Restructuring Moisturising Cream

I used this as a night cream as it was a thicker formula and I found it worked better over night.
It also is very nourishing and found it hydrated skin better when leaving it on overnight with nothing over the top (Make-up)

The size is 30ml and you use this sparingly so it does last quite a while, the same with the rest of the products.

This moisturiser is a medium consistency and feels really silky. But not got the silicone feel to it.
I found it absorbed really well and left no residue on my face.

This was certainly the most hydrating of the 2 creams and it was thick enough to withstand sleep.

After a number of weeks, my skin was very smooth, soft and looked refreshed.
The texture of my skin is smooth, no longer bumpy or dry feeling.

Resplendent Brightening Cream

I used this as my day cream as I found it did enhance my skin a lot.

I found there was a slight pearl sheen to it, which made my skin appear a lot more luminised.

Protective and revitalising, this cream is great to wear under make-up and gave a good barrier to avoid irritation. There was no texture after applying foundation and found I did not need a primer at all.

After a number of weeks, I found this cream also helped smoothed my skin, but also gave my skin a bit of luminosity and did not look dry, red or unflattering.

Perfect for day wear.

Rejuvinating Youth Serum

Serums are a staple to my skincare routine, as are oils. I prefer serums in the day however used this day and night.

It does say to use at night, but I used both day and night.

Now I also found this product smoothed my skin and got rid of the texture, especially on my cheeks and nose.

Very hydrating and helped with the first signs of ageing I have.

I found this serum firmed my skin quite a bit also, my jawline isn’t as loose as it was beforehand.

After a good few weeks of use, my skin looked a few years younger.
Redness had gone and found my skin was tighter and firmer.

Renew Eye Contouring Cream

Eye cream is an important staple in my skincare routine because my eyes are looking awful at the moment.

Lack of sleep, tiredness, lethargy all contributes to my awful eye area.

I have discolouration on my lids, slightly red and also dark circles and puffiness.

The product absorbed quickly and left skin plump, soft and hydrated. Hydration is essential as my eyes dry out rather quickly.

A few weeks later, the dark circles were practically gone and looked less hollow. My skin had plumped and was looking more hydrated around my eyes.

My lids were less pigmented and I could wear eyeshadow without using a tinted primer, which I don’t like too much as feels heavy on my lids.

Regal BB Cream

I was happy to see a BB cream within the set, which had me excited to try.

At first, I was quite stumped at how dark the BB cream looked, but once blended out it matched my natural colour.

It’s a very silky BB cream but dries down matte which means no powder over.

The consistency is medium but gives a lovely light coverage. Not thick like foundation but covers imperfections.

No dryness appears through either, as it seems to nourish my skin at the same time as giving a lovely coverage.

Easy to use, I blended out with a beauty blender.

Final thoughts

The one thing that is common within the products is retexturising my skin. My skin was a lot smoother, tighter and plumper.

I also found the entire range is super nourishing and my skin has been so soft.
All dry patches have gone and left my skin looking and feeling fresh and revitalised.

*Please note this product was sent to try, to voice my thoughts on what I thought of the products and how I got on, all in my own words

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