Plane Lazy: Could You Be A Professional Travel Blogger?

You enjoy writing, have been to loads of different countries, and are quite a dab hand with a camera so why shouldn’t you quit your job and become a travel blogger? Well, for one, if you don’t even have a domain name yet the only person handing in your notice will harm is you as it takes take a long time to build a successful following. While travel blogging looks incredibly glamorous, there’s also a lot of behind the scenes work that goes on to make it seem picture perfect. Become a professional travel blogger.

Get People Reading

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In a sense, travel blogging is a bit like a child standing in front of the class and reading an essay titled ‘what I did on my summer holiday’ why should anyone care? They weren’t on your fantastic elephant trip with you so the first trick is to make them feel like they were. The description is key, the more vivid the tale, the more likely people are to read and comment so don’t forget to include lots of photos. Friends and family will read your blog out of love, not loyalty so how do you get complete strangers interested in your travels? Post those embarrassing stories, tell your readers what happened when you got lost in the middle of a thunderstorm only to find the hire car wasn’t exactly waterproof. Inject humor into your posts, treat readers like friends and you’ll soon get followers. Having a functional and eye catching website is very important, you canread more here about web design. Perfect way to become a professional travel blogger.

Do Stuff

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Sounds strange right? Obviously, traveling is exciting in itself but some trips are better than others and when it comes to the oversubscribed world of blogging yet another article on ‘packing correctly’ isn’t going to capture anyone’s attention. Think about some of your more unique, surprising adventures that very few other people will have had the chance to do. For example, helping to track wolves, bears and elk in Sweden while camping under the stars is way more exciting than a family trip to Florida. Want some general blogging tips? Luxury bloggers are fantastic at getting readers and here are the ones that understand online traffic. Your travel blog doesn’t have to be full of crazy, death-defying exploits all the time but including some excellent, original content once in awhile means it’s more likely to be shared.

Have Guests


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In the early days of your blog you won’t have many readers so guest posting, make sure they link back, is an excellent way to get your name out into the blogging community as you build your brand. There’s nothing worse than a cold blog pitch where it’s obvious the person’s done zero research before they emailed you. Make sure you take the time to check out their blog. Do they allow guest posts? Take a look at the style and tone of their writing and would you fit? There’s a big difference between sites aimed at single travelers in their twenties and a family focused mommy blog. There’s also no point in emailing a site who’s not had any new posts for over six months as the chances are it’s a Zombie blog, i.e. it exists, but it’s no longer alive. Become a professional travel blogger.

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