How To Start Selling Online

At some point, most people have considered selling something online, either things they have made or items they have got at wholesale.

Depending on what you are selling, there is different ways to sell your items.

Selling Home Made Wares

If you have a gift for making home made wares, then you may be bets looking on selling these items on Etsy or Ebay. Utilising social media to get your brand out there is also another good way to sell your wares.

Facebook has a whole marketplace feature and plenty of selling groups. The perfect way to sell items you have made.

Selling Wholesale items

If you are purchasing items at wholesale to sell on, then you would be best looking at Amazon or Ebay.

You can find out more about starting up with Amazon.

Amazon is more tailored to branded items or items that are more factory made, rather than home made. eBay is popular for selling items, but you may find that they sell more well with sellers that have sold quite a large amount of items.

Social Media/Marketing

Social media is ever present in our lives, everyone uses it for many reasons, from buying and selling to chatting with friends.
Utilising the selling features s a good way to get your name out there and to gain further purchases.

Marketing is also a good way to get customers noticing your business and can grab you some sales.

Be unique

Make yourself stand out with either something you sell, services you offer or your branding.

There is so many people out there selling so you want to be unique and stand out in order to grab those purchases.

Start an Instagram account and create some pictures that will stand out and people will be soon snapping up your items.

How to start selling online

Sign up to different websites that offer sales, including Facebook.

Create a website and an email address so there is someone the customers can contact with any queries.

Find your niche and start showing your items off within these niches. Look to bloggers to review your items and get your name out there.

There is so much you can do to start selling, but remember – Get your name out there, be unique and have fun whilst doing so!

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