My Dream Wedding? Is This A Thing?

So I hear all the time people taking about their dream wedding and I am sat there thinking ‘is this a thing?’ but then I start to question whether everyone thinks of this and is there something wrong with me for not thinking this way.

Then I thought – well, let’s see if I could plan my dream wedding and just how easy is this to do in a short time? I gave myself a week to look at a dream wedding and then see where it goes.

Presumably people have been dreaming of their wedding for many years, perhaps since being a child. But I honestly have never imagined a wedding so to do this in a week  reckon would be a big feat. I will also include some tips for anyone that is in the same position as me.

I am engaged and we are looking to get married, we gave ourselves 5 years to buy a house then look into getting married after that.

I decided to make a post of how I got on and add some tips for others.

The Venue

The venue was relatively easy, where I live there is many options from a church, hotels (There is hundreds here) and also other places like small castles.

I found the packages they offered were generally expensive, well to me they were who knows we are marrying on a budget as I would rather buy a house.

I found it would be cheaper having a venue for the wedding then hiring somewhere and either using their food facilities (One place does a carvery!) or looking for outside catering.

The range of foods you can find is massive. From a full sit down meal (We decided this was not for us) to buffets and pick your own hot food.

However the really nice places had waiting lists up to 2 years. I am not joking either. That is before you can choose a date! Some were fully booked for a year or 2.

I never realised just how busy some places can get and would need to choose a venue further in advance than I originally anticipated.


Who knew the clothing would be so expensive if you purchase outright?

One thing I had to decide was whether I wanted to keep my wedding dress or not – I decided not.

So it was a case of looking for suits and dresses to hire which I found would be so cost effective and I wouldn’t be lumbered with a load of clothes that no one would never wear again.

Now the issue is – there is not many places where I live that do hire wedding dresses so I had to look further afield. However men’s suits I could find them in a few places that offer suits for hire or sale.

I suppose men’s suits can be worn again and again, but what can you do with a wedding dress?


Having a theme seems to be the best idea when you start looking at planning a wedding.

Me and my partner have quite different tastes so we would need to decide on a theme before we went looking into this firstly.

So you need flowers, both for bride, groom, bridesmaids and also best man/grooms.

Flowers I found was hard – making a choice of real or fake. Now I could get a beautiful bouquet that is fake and keep it in a beautiful vase as a keep sake so I started looking towards the fake side of floral arrangements.
Plus I would worry myself sick if there was any issues with the flowers on the day. Nothing like dead flowers hey?

Then there is confetti. Who knew there was such a large range of confetti? Well I hadn’t realised this and I knew it was something on my list of things to look into. A website caught my eye –¬†that a wide range.

But also I found they literally also have everything else I needed!

I had forgotten about invites, place settings for the aftermath, table decorations… WHAT IS ALL THIS – WHY DID I FORGET.

I got myself into a right mess and wrote down everything I could think of that I needed.

The End Result?

Give yourself plenty of time to know what you want. A week was not enough.

Lists. Make so many lists. Lists of lists.

I struggled remembering what I needed to have for the wedding, I continuously forgot things and in the end I had a lot missing.

I found a lot of websites were a great help in telling me what I needed, suggestions and how to have a nice wedding even on a budget.

A week is no time at all and would strongly urge at least 6 months to a year to ensure everything is in order and also with reserving a place to get married – some lists I found were up to a 2 year waiting list – never mind getting a date.

Getting married is hard work and you need to make sure you have everything sorted months in advance and not forgetting your lists.

Get a scrap book, note pad… even something online so you can properly plan your wedding.

*This is a collaboration post.



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