Instafamous? Why Not Look Jaw-Dropping In Real Life Too?

Let’s be real – there isn’t one reason Instagram is fast becoming the #1 social media app on the planet. At the same time, we shouldn’t lie and say its Photoshop-tendencies don’t play a part. On the ‘Gram, it’s easy to manipulate and alter an image so that it looks perfect. Being able to show it off to the world is a bonus that the majority of us enjoy. But, it’s time to call an end to Instagram pics and focus on real-life imaging. After all, looking in the mirror and thinking “damn girl” helps with confidence and self-esteem.


Here are four ways to wow in public just as you do online.




As soon as a photo goes onto the site, there’s a temptation to use a filter. Pretty though they may be, they are disingenuous. People look at them and take them at face value when the truth is a little more complicated. Then, the next time your followers see you in person they think “she looks different than I remember her.” It’s nice to play around with photo imaging tools, yet it’s important not to go too far. That way, the pressure to dress to impress in real life won’t be as stressful.




Of course, there is no reason to drop a filter when you can recreate the image in real life. Sure, the features such as bunny ears aren’t going to make the cut. In reality, they’re cute online, but people will give you a funny look if they catch it on the high street. Still, some traits are replicable as long as you know the tricks of the trade. Take eyebrows as an example. Getting the perfect curvature and thickness is maddening until you figure out how to use a spoolie brush and filler product. This link has a tutorial if you are interested.




How people perceive you isn’t down to your dress sense. Yes, women’s shoes and the clothes we wear play a big part, but they are the icing on the cake. In reality, it’s how a person projects their image that makes others stand up and take notice. Understanding this is the key to looking as stunning in real life as on Instagram, warts and all. A fantastic tip is to stand up tall with a straight back. Your posture will help you exude confidence and stand out from a crowd even in a packed setting. Smiling is another cool hack, too.




Okay, you care because you wouldn’t put in as much effort if you were apathetic. But, being a hit at every social event is a lot of hassle. Just like models like Gigi Hadid and Hailey Baldwin. It’s a full-time job and sometimes you need a break. Plus, not everyone will like what you wear and how you pull it off. After all, fashion is subjective. With that in mind, don’t let what other people say influence your choices. Try new things, but do it for you and no one else.


So, are you ready to turn heads?

*This is a collaboration post

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