Innovo – How I Restored My Pelvic Floor

I have no shame, I have absolutely no pelvic floor so trying out the Innovo Restore The Floor was a good idea for me.

Having 3 children (Not exactly small, with youngest being 8lb 12) unfortunately I have suffered as a result in the pelvic floor department.
I am not embarrassed, pelvic floor is important and it should be maintained especially after childbirth.

So what is a pelvic floor? It’s a muscular base of the abdomen. It’s shaped like a sling and keeps all your lower organs set in place.
After childbirth, this stretches and can cause many things like incontinence, pain when having sexual intercourse and can contribute to IBS flair ups.


Maintaining a strong pelvic floor is essential.

How long after childbirth have you sneezed or coughed and had a slight accident? That could mean your pelvic floor is in need of tightening.

Doing pelvic floor exercises helps, however if like me and have a lot of damage then these were a total waste of time.

I was approached by Mums Net to try this amazing device and I am going to go into my journey of ‘Restore The Floor’

A huge package arrived and my other half got excited, thinking of course it was something for him… well no.

Inside was a large white box that has a magentised lid, which I think is pretty cool.

Inside I got a cute towel and a book about Mindfulness.

Then of course, the white box which had the device inside.


Now admittedly, I did not check what this was as I wanted it to be a complete surprise, I did no googling which is a first for me. I google everything!

There was 2 thigh garments, controller, charger, innovotherapy pads, lanyard and user manual and starter manual.

I then went to the website to have a peek around and see what to do, I tend to mess things up and I was so pleased there was an easy to use instruction video.

I followed the video and got myself set up.


Applied the innovotherapy pads to the garments and popped on my thighs. Pulled out my book and set the impulse on 35 which I could feel my pelvic floor tighten on.

Now the vibration took some getting used to, I felt I had to get higher to feel the tightening sensation.

I felt like I was moving along the bed, especially on the more powerful settings.

On each course (day) you increase the sensation until you hit 70, however it took me about a month to get to that stage as it is really powerful.

It’s extra comfortable to use, I made a ritual of 5 nights a week of sat on my bed with my book or laptop and let the magic work for 30 minutes.


The first time I used the device, I felt a little odd. Sat there with these garments around my thighs and slightly embarrassed.

However after a week, I found applying was easy and found myself a way to be comfortable whilst they toned up my pelvic floor.

I didn’t see a lot of notice until around 3 weeks. Now I am not going to feel ashamed as it’s common… but when I sneeze or cough, I do tend to leak.
However at 3 weeks, I could sneeze without any leak.
For me, that was a massive relief for me and I realised this does actually work.


After a month of use, I started to feel a lot different. I had stopped clenching when coughing and sneezing and there was no accidents at all. None, nada. I could finally stop using panty liners.

The real results were around 2 months, again no shame but after 3 large babies… I had prolapsed slightly. This caused pain and discomfort when me and my other half got a little frisky.
It ruined my sex drive and I was scared. Scared of the pain and uncomfortable feeling.

The reason for the slight prolapse was of course my pelvic floor. It was like a rubber band that lost all elasticity and yeah not a lot left to give really.

Once my pelvic floor started tightening up, it became a lot less painful. This was by 2 months when I saw the real results of this.
I regularly saw a GP about it as the next route was surgery, which of course I want to avoid as much as possible.

Even my GP saw the difference and asked what I had been doing, explained about the Innovo device and she was actually shocked.innovo-device-smallI am currently still using this, I am just over 3 months and the difference in 3 months is astounding.

I also suffer from a lot of bladder pain and this has noticeably decreased, as well as absolutely no accidents.

I finally have my sex drive back and there is no pain. A little uncomfortable but that is down to the scarring. Nothing I can do about that.

My IBS does not flair up as much as it did, I found going to the loo much easier and I have not had any urinary tract infections, bladder infections which were caused by my diminished pelvic floor.

I’ve tried several things to help with my pelvic floor, whilst a few helped a little, it was just not enough to strengthen as much as I needed.

Every few weeks, I upped the strength and eventually on maximum which I am on now. The stronger, the more effective I felt.

Who knew there would be a way to restore my floor without surgery?

I am still stunned, I keep telling people about it and yeah some are met with questionable looks and ‘yeah right’s’ but it really did make a huge difference and I can not thank Innovo enough.

What made this experience better, Innovo were always on hand, giving me hints, tips and making sure everything was okay.
Couldn’t thank the lovely people at Innovo, they were absolutely delightful and seemed to care. You don’t get service like that any more.

So impressed with the results, especially in such a short time.

Innovo, thank you!

*I was sent this product to test and the post was written by myself of my own words

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