Good Hair Day Every Day: Creating Hair Confidence

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Our hair is often the first thing that people notice about us. It’s part of that all important first impression, and more importantly, it can affect how we feel about ourselves. What can we do to make sure every day is a good hair day?


  1. It’s All In The Cut

Even if you have long hair, it’s important to get it trimmed regularly. Trimming will cut away any dry or split ends and leave you with that soft, just-cut feel. Contrary to popular belief, cutting your hair doesn’t make it grow any faster. However, it keeps your hair looking healthy as it grows.


  1. Get To Know Your Hair

Hair comes in many different types, and each requires its styling routine. What works for your best friend may not work for you. Get to know your hair. There are lots of online guides to help you with this. Once you’re familiar with your type, you can buy the right styling products and hair accessories to suit it. This will make a big difference.


  1. Deal With Hair Problems

No-one jumps out of bed every day with perfect glossy locks. It takes time, effort and patience to achieve a look you’re comfortable with, and this is paved with numerous problems. Some people have dull hair, some lack volume, others have greasy or dry hair, and for others, split ends are the cause of their worries. Identify your hair woes and take steps to fix them.

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  1. Find Your Fallback Style

Few people have time to create new and dramatic looks each day. Even celebrities rely on a default look, though they may change it regularly. Find a style that works for you. If you have longer hair, you have the option of changing this by putting it up or down, etc.


It’s also important to have a fallback style. This is the style you go for when you’re in a rush and don’t have time to do anything more complex. For example, for long hair, this could be a messy bun or a quick half ponytail. Having one or two fallbacks up your sleeve will allow you to leave the house with confidence, and avoid that bad hair day feeling.


  1. Experiment

Hairstyles can get a little stale. If you sport the same look day in and day out it can start to become a little samey and dull. Keep experimenting and looking for styles that will suit your hair type. If your hair is as straight as pump water, add a few curls or waves with heated rollers. And if you’re a curly girl, go straight every now and again with heated straighteners. Both techniques are quick and simple to achieve and will enable you to vary your look. Clothes and makeup also help when it comes to experimenting.

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  1. Learn How To Do It Yourself

We would all like that just stepped out of the salon look every morning. But for most people, it’s just not within our budget. So learn how to achieve this yourself. Keep up-to-date with latest styles and trends. Read some magazines and watch some online tutorials. The more you practise, the more accomplished you will become and soon you’ll be recreating those styles in next to no time.
Hair confidence takes time, but it’s worth putting in the hours. Get to know your hair and what works best for you. Take care of it, and leave your comfort zone every once in a while.

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