ColourPop Gimme More Highlight Palette – Review

ColourPop Packaging

After Christmas, I saw ColourPop was having a sale on and there was so much I wanted, one of the items I purchased is the ColourPop Gimme More Highlight Palette.

ColourPop at this point was not a new brand for me, I had purchased a few items previously to try them and see what I thought. I was pleasantly surprised after reading some mixed reviews so of course, I had to jump right in and buy more items that caught my eye.

So the ColourPop Gimme More Highlight Palette was one thing I really wanted to try, I Googled swatches, watched YouTube videos and read reviews of this item. I knew this was the one for me.

The packaging for the ColourPop Gimme More Highlight Palette I really liked, it comes in a cardboard box to stop the palette opening, sadly I threw this as I hate keeping packaging.

Inside is a thick, durable card package and has a magnet inside to keep the lid closed. This really is protected as it is very strong and heavy. It does have some good weight to it for a palette.

Colour wise, this is a very light grey colour with bold, bright, almost coral text with the ColourPop logo and of course, the palette name.

ColourPop Gimme More Highlight Palette Colours

On the back, it has the shade names too. From left top to right bottom:

Extra – White with a shift of gold
Upgrade – Light lavender/pink with a silver shift
Bottomless – Coral with a gold shift
Full Service – Rose Pink with a gold shift
Bigger and Better – Champaigne with a Light Rose/Bronze Gold colour
Total Package – Dark Rose/Bronze Gold

These admittedly look super pigmented, I was worried about using some shades as a highlight but when using them, I found they were actually not that opaque and left a beautiful colour on my skin.

Extra as an example, I could use over my blush or just above which gave me some colour but that beautiful highlight instead.

I have swatches in full so you can see the finger swatch and then the brush swatch as well as buffed in so you get an idea of how the pigmentation is.

I will also go through each colour as I swatch them to give you more of an idea of the colours.

Generally, these highlighters are not chunky. There is no chunks of glitter and this looks like a really good highlight on your skin. I had no texture with any of the shades and it did not make the texture on my face noticeable like some can do.

A super soft formula, it is so buttery and soft. It;s super easy to blend and can build into a nice pop of colour if you wanted to use them on your cheeks.

ColourPop Gimme More Highlight Palette – Shades and Swatches

ColourPop Gimme More Highlight Palette Swatches
Finger Swatch Left – Brush Swatch Right


The most used shade for things like eyebrow highlight, corner of eye highlight and using on my nose and top lip.

I prefer a little colour on my cheeks so this is not used as much for on the cheekbone.

A beautiful pearly white with a gorgeous shift of light gold. This brings radiance and light to my face without leaving that white, chalky colour that some leave.
I found white highlighters generally leave the whiteness behind, this does not. Just utter, golden radiance.

As above, it is such a buttery, soft formula and is so easy to blend.

The first application is more than enough for me, this leaves a nice, natural glow on my skin. I can build it up more if I want to make the highlight stand out more, perfect for when I want some photographs taking.

It’s beautiful to look at and beautiful to wear.


Lavender and pink provides an unusual colour however this is actually perfectly suited to my skin tone. I am cool toned so these kids of shades do really suit me so much.

When applied to the skin, this does leave a cool toned pink/lavender shift to the skin with a pop of silver in the light. I can see the colour very slightly and has a gorgeous ice cold shift that I like.

I use this more for my natural looks or if I decide to go for a toned down look with not much colour. Just muted and beautiful.

Again with the ColourPop Gimme More Highlight Palette it is buttery soft, no chunkiness and looks so good on. This shade does not show any texture on my skin either. A must for me as my skin is terrible.


My favourite colour that I use over my blush, this reminds me so much of a luxury brand that I use. Coral with a gold shift but my, this is more stunning.

When blended out, this gives you a very soft, coral colour so you can totally use as a highlight but this is perfect for building on over a coral blush to give some vibrancy and shimmer.

In the pan, it looks blinding and bright but once applied with a brush, there is no opacity to it. Just a light, sheer colour.

Like the rest in the ColourPop Gimme More Highlight Palette, this is buttery and soft with no texture coming through.

Full Service

Rose/pink gold adorns this shade, my favourite colour at the moment.

Again, this is a sheer colour so it leaves the lightest colour on your skin but ultimate highlight.

I use this on my cheekbones with most looks that I do lately, it seems to go with everything. I even use this on my lid as a shadow as it is that beautiful and stunning. The darker shades I do use on my lids sometimes.

On the skin as a sheer highlight, this has a touch of pink with a gold and silver shift. Depending on the light, it changes colour.One minute it is gold, then silver, then pinky gold.

I can build this up too as use over a blush, giving a gorgeous shine to my skin.

Bigger and Better

A darker champagne colour. A mixture of rose and bronze thrown in there, but on the lighter size of bronze with more rose tones.

This has a light gold shift again, a common theme with this palette but I have the right cool tone to get away with gold shifts in highlights.

Such a sheer colour, it doesn’t give loads of colour to the skin. The colour in the pan is quite scary however this is far from what you expect. You can build it up as a beautiful pop of colour on your cheeks, but the highlight is blinding so better as a sheer coat on top of your existing blush.

Of course, not chunky, no texture and beautiful and soft.

Total Package

A shade I was scared of using, I thought this would be more of a bronzer but oh boy, I was so wrong on this.

It is super sheer and gives a beautiful rose gold colour to my skin. It’s the perfect colour for warm toned eye looks.

You couldn’t use it as a bronzer as it is totally the wrong shade once you apply it.

A perfect glow highlights my cheekbones. This is certainly a warmer shade and looks perfect with the darker eye looks I create.

Again, the ColourPop Gimme More Highlight Palette is buttery, doesn’t give you texture and looks amazing on your skin.

Final Thoughts of ColourPop Gimme More Highlight Palette

When it first arrived, I was worried some shades would be too dark or pigmented but I was completely wrong.

It may look super daunting but it really is sheer and each colour leaves the perfect highlight on your skin.

I use every shade for different looks with Extra as a highlight for my eyebrow bone, inner corner of eyes, nose and lip.

These can also be used as eyeshadows or over eyeshadows giving them the perfect shimmer.

The pans are good sizes and will last longer as you really don’t need to use a lot for the perfect highlight.
If you are like me, you can go for a small amount to have that perfect, natural look.

ColourPop is now one of my favourite brands and you can see why. Along with my favourite highlighting kit – ColourPop Gimme More Highlight Palette.

Did I add they are not at all expensive? Even with shipping and customs, I still save a fortune.

ColourPop shipped out quite fast, the hold up was customs but there was no breakages, no damages and everything came perfectly wrapped, cared for and finally now loved by me.

*I purchased these items myself

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