Benefit BADGal Bang Mascara Review

Benefit BADGal Bang Mascara

I am obsessed with Benefit They’re Real mascara, I loved Roller Lash and thought neither could be beaten. So thought I would pop up my Benefit BADGal Bang Mascara Review and get into if this mascara was close to the older sisters.

So about this new apparently bad ass mascara… There is a lot of points that are catching and if it’s true then this is a pretty bad ass mascara.

Apparently this lasts 36 hours, now I am not sure if this is just be being in my tender 30+ years but I can’t imagine wearing a mascara for 36 hours. I mean, I can’t even imagine being up for 36 hours either.
I suppose if you didn’t sleep in it, it would be fine. Although I did test this out (I know, so bad for my skin but I was incredibly curious)

Brush on this is supposed to reach all parts of your lash from root to tip and even the parts that are hard to reach.

Smudge proof and water proof – Well I have to test this theory.

Dramatic volume, lifted and lengthened lashes.

Does this really work? Well we shall see.

Benefit BADGal Bang Mascara Review

Benefit BADGal Bang Mascara Wand

I adore the Benefit packaging of late. So many different products and none look alike but you can tell from looking at it, that it is Benefit.

Coming in a standard card box, emblazoned with the claims and the stylish fonts and pictures that adorn all the Benefit products. Each different than the next.

I ripped this open and pulled out the mascara, oohing and arring over this. Well, we can’t not talk about packaging throughout my Benefit BADGal Bang Mascara Review.

We had so many different designs with Benefit mascaras. The first and original BADGal was your typical mascara design. Then the widely acclaimed They’re Real mascara which has a funky shape to the packaging with a gorgeous gun metal colour adorning. Next up was the Roller Lash mascara, with a pretty design and diamond shapes cut out. Finally, a rubber, studded type lid and fabulous packaging on the BADGal Bang mascara.

The wands again were all so different. The BADGal had a typical classic wand that tapers at the end. They’re Real had a comb type wand that was quite stiff but gave amazing length and volume. Roller Lash had a comb wand but was more flexible which separated so well and avoided clumping. BADGal Bang has a tapered, comb wand that is quite thin so you can get in those little corners. Personally I love this as a bottom lash mascara more than anything due to the size.

It’s really easy to apply this mascara to my lashes, it glides over them so gently, giving each lash love, care and attention with this bad ass formula.

Colour wise, this is black, blacker than any mascara I ever tried. How this was possible, I have no idea. But it is!
Really deepening and making my lashes stand out.

With the first swoosh of mascara, my lashes were dark, thicker and we had some volume. Second coat they were thicker, much more volume and I could rock without the false lashes. I went in for a third, I was curious if this would clump. There was absolutely no clumping at all.

Normally my lashes are really straight and nothing curls them, I have to use an eyelash curler before and even then it doesn’t keep the curl. I tried one eye curled and one without a curl. The curled lash kept the curl all day long, the other had a slight curl that remained all day also.

My eyes watered a couple of times, I had no mascara running down my face nor any itching or irritation. I can wear this mascara even when I have irritations or allergies.

I also had no transfer either, no matter what foundation and concealer I used. A couple of my good concealers pulled my lower lash mascara off and would have the transfer under my lashes which would annoy me.

The formula is great, long lasting and my lashes look the bomb!

Benefit BADGal Bang Mascara Review – The Test!

Benefit BADGal Bang Mascara Review

I did some tests to put it though the paces. I couldn’t resist but to see if the claims were right.

The first test I conducted was the 36 hour test. Now I did leave this on for 36 hours to see how it wore, how it was through sleep and also what it was like 36 hours later.

I applied first thing in the morning before work, well I work from home so could spend some time making sure my lashes looked magnificent.

I had a full day in front of the computer working, a couple of times my eyes watered from them being so tired. Sometimes my eyes do water which causes streaming of my mascara. Anyway, on to that later on.

My mascara stayed put through my episodes of watery eyes. The mascara did not clump either which I was really surprised about.
As much as I love They’re real, it does run a little. I know I should try more waterproof mascaras but I really don’t like the formula generally and hate getting it off.

As the day wore on, my lashes did not clump together which some mascaras do. They lasted through me touching, rubbing and faffing with my eyes.
I am terrible, I can’t seem to help but touch my eyes throughout the day.

By bedtime, my lashes looked exactly the same as when I first applied the mascara. How would it hold up throughout the night though?
As we all know, mascara clumps, wears off and wake up with huge panda eyes. I mean, I don’t condone wearing make up or mascara at night, but I had to give this a go.

I woke up, rubbing my eyes and completely forgetting that I had mascara on. Realising, I panicked and got up and looked in the mirror and was amazed that my lashes looked exactly the same as when I went to bed.

So I kept looking to see if there was any transfer, any caking, crumbling? I had a small patch of black on my lower lashes on the outer corner but that was about it.

There was no crumbling at all, this mascara really does hold up well throughout the night. I at least imagined my lashes would be stuck together but again this was not the case.

I got a bath and washed my hair. No running, no transfer. Nothing.

Benefit BADGal Bang Mascara Review – Final Thoughts

Now, I hate to say this but I think I have found a match for the widely acclaimed They’re Real mascara which is my ultimate favourite ever mascara. I hate to say this, but I won’t be purchasing this again (Okay I have 3 unused ones as I stocked up) as I have genuinely found a new love.

This gave me fuller, thicker and darker lashes without the added weight, no clumping and lashes that looked like I had falsies on.

I had so much fun with this Benefit BADGal Bang Mascara Review as I got to really test a product and put it through it’s paces which I really enjoyed.

I am going to keep on using this and sadly, it has replaced my favourite mascara. Who knew this would happen? Well, not me!

*I purchased this product myself and reviewed on my own accord.

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