Give Yourself More Time – Why You Should Consider Freezing Your Eggs

Women have travelled a rocky road to get where we are in today’s society. While there are still problems to be tackled, like the division of household chores and the not-so-small issue of the pay gap, we’ve made great strides in ensuring women’s rights everywhere. From the Suffragettes to Rosie the Riveter, to Eva Peron to Hilary Clinton, remarkable women paved the path towards gender equality by fighting for women’s right to choose.

As a woman, you can now vote, work in previously male-dominated professions, and even realistically see yourself in the White House one day. While many women may feel concern for the cost of freezing eggs, this advanced medical procedure can put Mother Nature in her place by delaying having children until you feel ready. Being a woman in the United States today means having power, opportunity, strength, and – most importantly – options.

Why Freeze Your Eggs

The conundrum of having so many options available is that it may become difficult to decide which one(s) should take priority in your life. You can get married and have kids, go to college, pursue a higher degree, travel, or set your sights on a fulfilling career. However, if you wish to accomplish it all, it may take more time than you realize. With many job positions requiring a second language, an MBA, or five years’ work experience in a similar role, the idea of having kids earlier in life may take a back seat.

In fact, many women currently are choosing to not have children until their early thirties. However, if you reach the age of thirty and still don’t feel ready to have a child, you’ll soon find yourself in a race against your biological clock – a fact that all the “female power” in the world can’t change. Women’s egg reserves begin to dwindle around age 35, and decrease steeply as they head into their late thirties.

Give Yourself More Time

There’s no greater gift than time; it may be the only thing left on earth that’s not up for sale! While you still can’t wave a magic wand to make yourself younger, you can now stop time – and extend your fertility – by choosing to freeze your eggs until you’re ready to start a family.
Secure Your Future Fertility

Until fairly recently, women were forced to make the choice between their careers or having a family. Initially, the process of oocyte cryopreservation (egg freezing) was offered only to cancer patients or women with a history of premature ovarian failure. However, advancements made since the 1970’s have resulted in egg freezing becoming widely accessible to all women.

Prominent companies such as Google, Citibank, and Facebook publically endorse social egg freezing. It is now a very real option for women who aren’t ready to have a family yet, or who want to work on their career first. You can now stay in the labor market without compromising your chance of having children later on.

Stabilize Your Situation

If the cost of raising children, sending them to school, and saving up for a college fund seems intimidating to you (as you eat noodles from a cup in your studio apartment, or go on yet another date with another insipid contender), freezing your eggs gives you the chance to stabilize your situation. You can give yourself the time you need to start saving, wait for Mr. Right (instead of Mr. Right Now) to come along, and still secure the future you want.

Until biology catches up with society, the age-old problem of deteriorating fertility continues to exist. Freezing your eggs is like putting money away for a rainy day. Just like you consider retirement savings as an investment in your financial future, why not consider egg freezing as an investment in your fertility’s future too?

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