A Fun Way To Revise For Kids

My eldest has finally settled down at High School, my middle son is ready for High School (Next September) and I have been looking at a fun way to revise for kids.

I remember the books we got for the curriculum was rather tedious and boring, I found I paid absolutely no attention.
Nothing just seemed to sink in and I found it all tiresome.

Then along came Education Quizzes designed for every day needs for kids to study.

Me and my eldest took a look at KS3 quizzes which we found was a lot of fun.

Although we are not near the stage of any major exams, it was still fun and educational to look at. This will be something I am purchasing as it gives my son a bit of a boost and he can show off his new found knowledge, something he likes to do (Better than google and youtube vids)

So off my son went, perusing the site and trying out some quizzes for himself.

The first section we looked at was design and technology, something my son is really keen on.
He went through resistant materials and thoroughly enjoyed it.

The next thing he wanted to try was spelling, we both know this is a good area to work on.
A few quizzes later and he was triumphant that he did really well on the quizzes and enjoyed the learning at the same time.

My middle son decided it was competition time so both armed with laptops, they went through a few courses each and spelling, to see who won.
It became such a fun game whilst they both learnt at the same time.

There was tears, tantrums and a lot of laughter. Seems I have 2 very competative children.

I also had a look around the site, it seems really interactive and fun. User friendly also.

You answer 10 questions each time and it tells you if you got the answer correct or not, then gives you a score out of 10.

It’s a fun way especially if you have competition and learn whilst playing.

The quizzes are written by teachers which is great, I mean who else would be better at writing something like this other than teachers?
Curriculums are KS1, KS2, KS3 and GCSE so is fun for all ages.

Subscription is £9.95 a month and can be cancelled any time, so you only need to sign up when required.

This is an amazing, fun, interactive way to help children at the stages in life they may need a bit of help with learning, or just a boost for exams.

Totally beats the boring revision books that is for sure!

Have you tried anything like this? What do you think of the fun, interactive features?

*Please note this is a collaboration post

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