Flowers For All Occasions

I am one who likes to buy flowers for all occasions. It can be hard buying for people who you don’t really know much about or you know they love flowers.

For every occasion you can find flowers for, from Christmas, Birthday, Anniversaries and just to say thank you or thinking of you.

Flowers have quite deep meanings and are more popular for different occasions.

For example, when you get married generally people go for specific colour schemes or types of flowers that show love.

Birth has a range of flowers too! In fact every occasion has types of flowers that are more used to show your meaning for that occasion and here are some ideas!


Weddings can have any flower you can imagine but generally people choose certain types of flowers because of their meanings.

Roses for example, a classic option to represent love. You can now get them in every colour imaginable from white, to bright blue.
They are easy to work with and can be purchased anywhere.

The Lily is also a popular option as they represent purity and again can come in an array of colours.

Gardenia is another popular choice because of the beautiful scent they portray. Gardenia based perfumes are also popular scents for the big day.


Chrysanthemums are a popular choice as they are bright and beautiful, you see a lot of bouquets with striking coloured Chrysanthemums which look breath taking.

Lily is back again as they are super popular with birthdays. Big, beautiful and of course bright!

Gerbera Daisies (a favourite of mine) are also popular as again they are big, beautiful and so colourful. The orange and reds are beautiful and give any bouquet a great pop of colour. A great place to find birthday bouquets is for those of you in the UK and not forgetting my Irish relations


I bet you never knew there was a type of flower for every year of your anniversary? I did as I buy people flowers for their anniversary and use one for that year.

These flowers are:

1st Anniversary: Carnation.
2nd Anniversary: Cosmos
3rd Anniversary: Sunflower
4th Anniversary: Geranium
5th Anniversary: Daisy
6th Anniversary: Calla Lily
7th Anniversary: Freesia
8th Anniversary: Lilac
9th Anniversary: Bird of Paradise
10th Anniversary: Daffodil
11th Anniversary: Tulip
12th Anniversary: Peony
13th Anniversary: Chrysanthemum
14th Anniversary: Dahlia
15th Anniversary: Roses
20th Anniversary: Aster
25th Anniversary: Iris
30th Anniversary: Lily
40th Anniversary: Gladiolas
50th Anniversary: Yellow Roses and Violets

Thank You

We always want to say thank you for something, I know I do quite often.

Rose is always a good way to say thanks, they are beautiful and look great with any bouquet.

Again the beautiful Lily has popped up, these look amazing once they burst open and can make anyone feel thanked just by looking at these beautiful flowers.

Sunflowers are always a great idea, with a burst of beautiful colour they look great and a wonderful way to say thanks.

I Love You

Of course, we have the ‘I Love You’ chucked in too!

Roses are the most popular way to say you love someone, but did you know there are other flowers that are used to shown love?

Tulips widely represent showing the first feelings of love. You may remember seeing people given tulips at a young age or in TV shows years ago. I know I remember people giving bunches of tulips to a new flame.

Orchids are also known to be given to love interests, they are beautiful and show passion.


Yes, we have Christmas flowers!

The one you will see the most is Poinsettia, this is a very popular Christmas flower and one that everyone loves to adore.

White Chrysanthemums are also a popular flower used at Chrsitmas.

Then of course, adding sprigs of berries such as holly and mistletoe.

Anything red, white and green looks amazing in a Christmas bunch of flowers.

Every year I buy myself a big red and white bunch of flowers with a lot of dark green foliage and have some holly and mistletoe stuck in there for that ‘Christmas Look’

Do you use particular flowers to give to people for different occasions? I know I do!

*This is a collaboration post


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