Emoji’s and Symbols in Marketing Emails

I am not sure if it is just me that has noticed this, but with some brands, the more fun, out there brands they use emoji’s and symbols in their emails.

I can tell what it is they are discussing in the email from the subject and the emoji’s. For example Mothers Day has loads of flowers and Valentines day has hearts and roses.

It does catch my eye and I will open the email for a read.

If I see money symbols, it is likely they are offering some form of discount.

So emojis and symbols, especially in the subject will make us open them more than seeing a line of ‘Sale, discount, on offer’ that isn’t as effective.

I have attached an infographic below that gives some information on this.

Credit to Campaign Monitor

When reading the above, I understand more why they are important.

Visually appealing and eye catching, they give us more of a reason to open the email and see what is inside. I know if I see an email that is inviting and fun, I am more inclined to take a look.

We all use emoji’s in our every day online conversation to say how we feel, for example if we feel love, we send hears, heart eyes emojis and anything symbolising this. If we feel anger or annoyance, we will find emoji’s that depict our feelings.

It is a way to show how you feel and this can also be incorporated into an email, by one simple emoji in the subject line.

It’s quite interesting to see how emoji’s are used so much and can influence us to open an email as it feels more relative and inviting. Cool maybe?

What are your thoughts on using emoji’s in emails? I know there is a time and place for them. A formal email for example I wouldn’t expect to see an emoji or a smiley face. I think I would be very displeased if I was making a complaint and there was a smiley face in response. But a thank you email with a smile always makes my day.

Used correctly, they are very valuable for an array of reasons.

*This is a collaboration post

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