Advertising in the 21st Century

Advertising is everywhere, from websites we visit, to TV shows we watch.

Remember watching that TV show lately and seeing a Coca Cola can sat on the counter? Yes, that is paid advertising.

Advertising is everywhere in our lives and as we got into the internet, this became even bigger.

In the past, advertising was strictly in Magazines, Newspapers, on the TV, Billboards and many other places. Not only were we subject to 10 minutes of advertisements whilst watching a TV show, they were also in the TV shows and films. Yet we probably not even realised.

Now we have the internet, advertising is everywhere. From the websites we visit, social media and now on YouTube.

There are so many forms of advertising also. Such as pop ups, paid content on blogs or videos on YouTube and various other platforms.

Games are also full of advertisements, we get through a round of Angry Birds or Candy Crush and next thing, another add pops up.

Why is advertising important?

You may be thinking that advertising might not be important to you unless you have a business, however advertising can influence what we purchase, what we play and what we do.

Maybe you see an advertisement for a new drink and you decide to try it, then that drink is something you consume frequently. Without the advertising, would you have known about it?

From a business perspective, it does get the product you are selling out there. Whether this is a piece of jewellery or an app for a phone. You can learn more here for a business perspective.

Advertising can influence our lives in so many ways. It’s not only the tings we consume but it can also be things we believe in. For example you may see advertising about a particular church, tarot readings or anything you may have an interest in.

The reason for this is cookies. When we search or discuss specific things, this is also implemented into advertising. So if you have searched for a diamond ring, you may see social media is showing adverts specifically for this. It’s all interlinked to give us a more positive advertising experience with giving us adverts that resonate with us.

Although this can feel quite intrusive, I would rather see advertising for things I resonate with, rather than random things I couldn’t care less about.

Social Media and advertising

Social media has been heavily influencing out purchasing decisions, from watching YouTube and seeing the ads or simply just the influencers themselves telling us about something they have tried.

Some are paid endorsements but generally the smaller influencers are purchasing the product or gifted the product for an honest review.

he question does surround them asking whether they are legit or not, I know I have asked this too.

For myself as an example, I generally buy the items myself and review them so they will be honest.

As our daily lives are more integrated with the internet, we may see other ways to advertise in the future.

*This is a collaboration post

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