Down In The Mouth?

Are you down in the mouth? Are your tongue, your teeth or your gums giving you some problems? Is your confidence or appearance suffering because of it? Then follow the steps below to rid yourself of mouth issues and make it happy and healthy place once again.




These are small sores that occur in the mouth. They are usually painful to the touch and don’t look very pretty either.


There are loads of possible causes for mouth ulcers including a weakening in the immune system due to stress or smoking. Or the presence of a virus like chicken pox. They can even be caused by iron deficiency, so if you are getting them regularly, it can be worth doing to the doctors to get yourself check out.


Treating them usually, depends on the cause. For example, if you have one appear that isn’t related to any other illness, then it can be enough to use an over the counter barrier gel. As this will protect and sooth the ulcer as it heals. But if there is an underlying condition, that will need to be treated to stop the ulcers recurring.


Oral Thrush


A common issue with mouth health is oral thrush caused by an overgrowth of the candida fungus. It is a nasty fungal infect that make the most incredibly sore and uncomfortable.


If you are looking for short term solution on how to finally get relief, you can click the link for some home remedies. Although some folks advise a radical change in diet is the best way to prevent the infection in the first place.


Teeth Staining


There are a lot of folks that suffer from stained teeth these days and it’s not surprising with all the crazy stuff we consume. There is black coffee and tea, then there is soda and red wine, and the worst culprit of all: smoking!


Of course, a great way to not suffer from stained teeth is to give up these vices completely. But if you can’t quite manage that then there are some other things you can do to remove the stains.


One of the most effective things to keep your teeth healthy, by using a stain removal toothpaste along with an electric toothbrush. Do this twice a day for two weeks, and you should see a wild improvement in the staining on your teeth if it doesn’t get rid of it altogether! Although you can use teeth whitening strips too.

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Tonsil Stones


OK, so there are more in the throat than the mouth but they are pretty gross, and you’ll probably want to get rid of them! Tonsil stones are little white stones that get caught in the flaps of skin behind your tonsils and make them inflame.


They are different to tonsillitis though as they are made up of little food particles that get caught in the skin pockets when you swallow. Whereas tonsillitis is caused by a bacterial or viral infection.


Gargle with salt water to help dislodge them, or sometimes you can even pick them out using a cue tip.
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