What Is the Best Kitchen? Modern or Retro?

Kitchen design has come a long way over time from large communal middle-ages kitchens up to 18th and 19th Centaury kitchens staffed by servants up to the 20th and 21st Centaury domestic kitchens we are now used to. All this means we now have a baffling array of design choices, styles and layouts for your modern-day kitchen. There are many factors affecting your kitchen choice depending on budget, property type, size and shape of room and the style or theme the rest of the house is decorated in.

How Will It Be Fitted? And By Whom?

Another factor may be who is going to be installing this kitchen, is it a local joiner or carpenter and if so, are they experienced in design and advice or just fitting what you tell them to, or are you going to a shop who include fitting in the price? Be sure to shop around and know what you want before you get close to commuting as not all manufacturers, fitters or shops will be able to give advice on all different styles, so it might be best to pick a style first and then find a supplier.


What You Have To Work With


The best place to start is what do you have to work with already, is the house an old traditional property with traditional features, brickwork, or timber in the kitchen that you’d like to keep or build around? You may want to get a quality artisan crafts-person in to design you a bespoke and period appropriate kitchen design to work with. Alternatively if you have a new, modern purpose built house or apartment then perhaps a new, modern, sleek kitchen with smooth, eye-catching features such as granite and quartz worktops with all modern units and appliances giving you the ultimate impressive modern kitchen.

What Kitchen Items Do You Already Have?


It’s not all about what you think you’d like for a kitchen or even what suits the property, yes these are very important but one other question to think of is what items do you have or want in your kitchen as the pot-ware, appliances, and other kitchen equipment might have to match the style of your new kitchen unless you are in the position to get rid of your current setup and start again from scratch. That’s great if you can afford it but be wary as the cost of replacing all of the kitchen equipment could easily cost as much as the kitchen renovation itself.


So think long and hard before committing to the design, layout and materials needed for a new kitchen. It’s often not until people get started they really, actually realise the true cost of setting up a whole new kitchen, it’s arguably the most expensive room in the house. But as with anything in life planning is the key, if you know what you want and have it costed out before you begin you’ll do absolutely fine!

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