Don’t Make A Fat-Berg This Christmas And New Year

Christmas and New Year is a time when we are doing a lot of cooking for the most part.

We spend weeks prepping and preening our homes, fridges and making sure we have everything ready for the big time of year.

With 2 massive things coming up, are you thinking about all that fat?

The North West of the UK is always having what is called ‘Fat-Berg’s’ and this is huge collections of cold fat that has been poured down the drain, all clogging up pipes.
This costs so much money to get cleared out every year.

You may not realise just how much, but I am sure you have seen your water rates rising each year? This is due to many things including the costs of replacing, repairing and getting rid of these terrible masses of cold fat.

So what I want you to think about in future, is what you are pouring down your drain.

What can you do to help? Well here is how:

  1. Pour fat into a heat resistant container and throw away in your bins.
  2. Wipe any remaining fat away with kitchen roll or something that can soak up the grease and fat, then bin.
  3. Use a strainer to catch food and bin, don’t wash food down your drain.
  4. Use fat traps!

There is many things that clog our drains, one of them being food and fat.
Think about it, you cook a huge Christmas dinner and your scraps go down the drain, followed by loads of fat.
The fat sticks together with the food and creates big balls of yuck. Many houses do the same and as they move along the pipes, they get stuck and clog. More and more clogs then makes a ‘fat-berg’.

United Utilities have some great facts and information about this.

Go have a read and be thoughtful in future when cooking!

*This is a collaboration post.

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