Clayspray Glow Red Clay with Cacao Mask

Another face mask, yes this has made my day! The Clayspray Glow Red Clay ended up in my bathroom.

I am an avid face mask lover. Got a suggestion? Send my way!

Red clay and cacao, interesting…

I really do like the look of the box but I have no idea what to expect.


Will this be a spray, gel, foam… what? I have no idea right now.

I am trying this as I type, so it’s like you are on a journey with me, how exciting! Can’t wait to try the Clayspray Glow Red Clay mask.

Inside the box is a metal container, looks like a spray can.

It looks quite retro, with the orange and the grey picture on the right upper side.

The lid is very easy to pull off, and low and behold, we shall find out how it sprays out…

Even more intriguing, still not sure what it does.

It has a cap over the end which is good, stops spillages after using.

I pull the cap out and it’s like a nozzle, not a spray, not what I expected at all.

Being called clayspray, I got the impression it was a spray.

This is how it comes out.

It’s more like a pump than a spray, either way is easy for me. Intriguing Clayspray Glow Red Clay

But be careful, one pump dispenses quite a lot, so try to do as little as possible, not this much as it was actually too much for me.

It looks like molten chocolate, brown and glossy.

Doesn’t feel sticky at all, in fact it is quite easy to spread across the skin, it really is just like chocolate.

It’s a really thick product, just like a good face mask should be like.

Now the scent, it’s really strange. Doesn’t smell as sweet as chocolate, but has that irresistible twang of chocolate for sure and a very earthy scent also.
Like a chocolate mud pie maybe?

So leaving it for about 10-15 minutes to dry, depending on how thick you layered up the mask (First time, loads as I wasn’t sure how much came out)

It dries really well and makes your face feel stiff. Don’t smile, it will leave a layer of brown face mask on your clothes (Yes I did this too!)

At the moemnt, I can’t feel any difference in my skin, or anything going on. 

You know when you buy certain face masks and you can feel tingles, stinging, cooling, warming sensations? I felt nothing apart from my face feeling stiff, but that wasn’t my skin, it was the mask.

Taking the mask off is dead easy.

You can do it with an old face cloth/muslin that you don’t mind discolouring or you can rinse off with warm water.

I do recommend face cloth as it can get quite messy rinsing it off, just make sure you are leaving over the sink well so you don’t get it all over your clothes and bathroom.
Or take it off in the shower.
Whichever is easiest.

You can see using a cloth, it’s really easy, leaves nothing behind, no staining of the skin.

I will admit, I was cautious I would come out with a tan, it reminded me at first of instant tan.

But low and behold, no staining!

Once I rinsed off the mask, my face felt free. I really enjoy that free feeling after using a mask.

My skin felt slightly smoother, pores looked smaller and on close inspection, could see a few blackheads had gone.
I have little ones on my nose that can take an age to get rid of.

My skin did feel softer too but I couldn’t notice much radiance with one use.

*Edit After 3 uses, my skin looked slightly more radiant, not sure if it was down to this, I will be honest.

I felt clean, my skin looked clean and quite revitalised actually.

It’s a good mask, special occasions or once a week, you may notice some improvement.

So for 125ml this will cost you £44.50.
That may seem a lot, but I got 30 ml and can get loads of uses out of it, imagine what 125ml will do!

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