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I am new to chemical exfoliators so when I had the chance to try a chemical exfoliator I was nervous. Bravura sounded great though.

Yes I have watched YouTube videos previously of chemical peels and exfoliators (Way stronger than these, will explain below) and was horrified at the skin after, the dryness, tightness and I was freaked.

So when these arrived, I got on the website and read everything. I read reviews and anything I could find.

So what I got was Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid and Revitalising Ginseng Toner.

The acids are 10% which is very low, this made me less anxious about using them. Also you alternate them every 2 days too so I knew my face wouldn’t melt off.

I will review each item separately then do my final thoughts and how I got on.

Now about my skin. My skin is awful. I hold my hands up and admit that I have the worst skin ever. Especially for the last few months due to the weather, anxiety and other things.

I have dry skin, I have redness, spots, uneven skin tone and my skin feels so textured and of course my giant pores.

It’s not the best base for make up, put it that way.

Revitalising Ginseng Toner

Bravura Revitalising Ginseng Toner

The Revitalising Ginseng Toner comes in a beautiful orange frosted glass bottle with a almost rose gold lid.

It’s a water based toner and has a very slight orange colour to the product.
Scent wise, it is strong Ginseng which I really like.

You use this before using the acids to balance your PH levels on your skin.
It contains AHA which I have seen a lot of people use with other brands.

After taking off the acid, I popped some on a cotton pad and swiped over my skin.
There was a slight stinging sensation but lasted about 10 second. I also found it made skin feel a tiny bit tight but not uncomfortable.

I used this toner once a day to start off with, then went up to twice a day.

After the first use, my face was a lot smoother and found it did indeed exfoliate quite well.
I struggle getting rid of all dead cells with my usual products that contain granuals so it is nice to try something different.

Once I applied serum/oil and moisturiser on the top, the tightness subsided.

My skin after a week was less texturised, smoother and skin felt much softer.
Certainly more exfoliated than anything I have used before.

I found there was negative effects from this for me. Not even temporary redness which can happen with me.

My redness eventually started to face and found the uneven skin tone started to become even over time with continual use.

Glycolic Acid 10%

Bravura Glycolic Acid

The Glycolic Acid arrived in a green frosted glass bottle with a dropper on the lid.
Great for easy application on the brush.

Glycolic Acid is infused with lavender which I think helps massively.

It has a subtle scent of lavender which I love as it’s very relaxing.

I popped 2 drops on the brush and sweeped gently across my chin, top of nose, cheeks and forehead.

I started by leaving this on for 5 minutes and every week went up 2 minutes until 15 minutes maximum.

I found it stung a small amount when first application, but the more I used this, this did not last long.
I didn’t find the stinging was painful, only lasted about 10 seconds.

My skin felt a tiny bit tight too, there was no comfortableness about it.

I rinsed off with plenty of water after specific time (Please make sure you time correctly) then applied a serum/oil and moisturiser as usual.

Lactic Acid 10%

Bravura Lactic Acid

This Lactic Acid is infused with rose to keep the skin calm. This helps the process keeping skin beautiful.

I love the scent of this, just like fresh roses.

I used 2 drops and sweeped across my face as above.

I found there was a slight tingle, but not uncomfortable.

As above, started off with 5 minutes and increased by 2 minutes until maximum 15 minutes. I increased weekly.

Rinsing off well with cool water and applying skincare as usual.

How did it work?

I started off using Glycolic Acid first, then 2 days later used Lactic Acid. I changed every 2 days and used the toner every day and before using the acids.

The first use, I saw no difference in texture, redness and pigmentation.

My skin did not peel or shed like usual chemical peels. It’s a very gentle version.

After 2 weeks of continual use, I found my skin was a lot smoother and I had no dry patches anywhere. I could wear matte foundation and no patches came up.

I suffer from a very uneven skin tone and this actually evened every single part of my face out.
I have a lot of red patches and redness, especially chin and cheeks.
This was going rapidly over the weeks and when I stopped, it did not come back.

Around my nose is awful spider veins, permanent redness. The spider veins were less prominent and the redness had gone.

Texture wise, oh my lord. Cheeks, forehead and chin were the worst.

Spots pop up everywhere too!

I found the first week spots came up thick and fast, after this my skin was clear.

The texture on my skin started to even out and become very smooth.
Pores were always quite big but found they shrunk a little after a few weeks.

When applying foundation, I found I was using no primer.

My skin was certainly exfoliated, much better than it ever has before.

Bravura London Skincare

Final Thoughts

I could not believe the change in my skin after continual use.

It had the same benefits of a chemical peel without the shedding, the redness, the pain. However it was a longer amount of time to see benefits.

My skin is clearer, smoother, feels amazing! I also have less redness, no texture and it looks like I had an expensive peel without the pain and soreness.

A very pleasurable experience.

*These products were sent to try and review in my own words.

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