Updating Our Home!

At the moment we are in the process of updating our home. We wanted to change the door, carpets, windows and decorate the entire house.

It is a very long and slow process as there is a lot of work to do.

For example, you have to get quotes for your double glazing cost. Decide on colours and designs you like and then from there, choose someone to go with. In hope they have some availability to get the job done for when you want.

It is so drawn out and long, then of course how long it takes to get the actual work done.

Getting quotes is annoying, having to call each person, but I found a way to get quotes for your replacement windows with ease.

You can use sites for comparisons of trade men in your area so you can choose the quote best suited to you and Bob’s your uncle!

We have a very long list of things we need to get done and found the best way to get them done is to prioritise. So for example if it was the roof that needed repairing, this would be top of our list. Along with things such as boiler, electrical and water.

Choosing the things to be sorted firstly would be the more urgent things, or things that could cause more repairs to be done later on if it is left alone, like a leak for example could cause issues with walls, ceilings etc.

Cosmetic is further down the list, but windows could also be urgent if they are in a bit of a bad state.

Carpets for me are a must at the moment because the carpets currently aren’t very nice and probably very old. I gave them a good clean but I am a little finicky about them so they are coming up!

I found this is quite stressful at first but when I started planning and being resourceful, I found the whole process to be much easier.

I got myself a note book and each page I wrote 1 item in order of urgency. From there I write down information like what needed to be done, quotes I had received. Then I circled the ones I was interested in and went exploring with reviews and such.

Finding out this information helped me so much with choosing the right people to work with. I had spent having long phone calls and ensuring I wasn’t being ripped off.

Eventually, when everything is done, I will be feeling much better about it all.

*This is a collaboration post

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