The 10 Benefits Of Walking Barefoot

The 10 Benefits Of Walking Barefoot and why you should Start


Walking barefoot has so many pluses it’s amazing so few people do it. If you don’t believe us look at these 10 benefits.


It Helps Reduce Inflammation And Pain


A study was done using 12 people who slept on a conductive mattress pad which mimicked the effects of sleeping on the ground for 8 weeks.  All of the participants in the study complained of stress, pain and trouble sleeping.  After a test period where they walked barefoot the researchers found a lowering of the cortisol levels and all of the subjects reported that their stress, sleep troubles and pain had reduced or completely disappeared.


It Helps You Sleep


A study found in PubMed has shown walking barefoot can influence the physiologic process and increase relaxation.  It was also reported in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine that people exposed to grounding sleep better when compared to those that do not regularly walk barefoot.  Earthing or walking barefoot is believed to stabilize the circadian rhythms and this could explain why it helps you sleep better.


It Strengthens The immune System


In a comprehensive report published in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health, research found that walking barefoot decreases the white blood cell count.  At the same time, barefoot walking also increases the red blood cell count.  This is indicative of the positive effect that this has on the immune system.


Can Reduce The Risk Of Heart Disease


In the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, a study states that walking barefoot increases the red blood cell surface charge.  This increase results in the reduction of clumping in the cells and this lead to a decrease in the thickness of the blood.  As blood thickness has been linked to heart disease as a risk factor, earthing can, therefore, reduce the risks of heart disease.


Helps To Regulate The Nervous System And Decrease Feelings Of Stress And Anxiety


It is well known that going outside can help to balance the nervous system and to help regulate emotions.  However, if you allow your body contact with the soil directly you can increase the reduction of stress and anxiety.  As the Earth has a negative charge and humans have a positive charge due to the electromagnetic waves we are in contact with, connecting with the ground can help your physical and mental health.  


It Helps To Normalize Biological Rhythms


Dr. Stephen Sinatra MD, Clint Ober and Martin Zucker explain in the book Earthing that the biological clock of the body needs to be calibrated.  This calibration can be done using the pulse of the Earth as this governs all of the circadian rhythms in the world.  This means that connecting to the ground will help your biological clock.


Earthing will also help to establish a regular sleeping pattern and reset the internal biological clock.  Our sleep patterns are greatly affected by lights, chemicals and other environmental pollution.  However, coming into contact with the negatively charged Earth will help to regulate the body’s rhythms and all other biological processes.


Can Lessen The Severity Of Menstrual Cramps


As grounding is known to reduce overall pain, the pain from menstrual cramps will also be helped by walking barefoot.  In a way, all of the pain we feel in the body starts in the mind and then becomes stress which greatly affects the feeling of menstrual cramps.  Going outside and walking around barefoot can do wonders for the body and mind doing the same job that over the counter painkillers for menstrual cramps offer, but without any of the side effects.  


Can Help Loosen The Muscles And Eliminate Headaches


A pilot study found that walking barefoot can delay the onset of soreness in the muscles after physical activities.  This can also be applied to other situations which cause tense muscles such as office work.  In some cases, headaches have been linked to the prolonged exposure to radiation and walking barefoot can reduce the free radicals in the body.  This will help to alleviate the headaches caused by this.

If you find that you can’t walk barefoot as much as you like, well then you can always go for the next best thing – Earthies shoes. These shoes were created four decades ago by a yoga instructor and provide the sort of contouring that really helps create the same support as you would have barefoot. They also look stylish and come in an array of colours.


Boosts Energy Levels


Your energy levels can be helped by immersing yourself in nature as you pick up on the higher frequencies that come from nature.  These frequencies can increase your energy levels.  Exposure to many aspects of modern society will drain energy and nature is the best way to boost your levels.


Protects The Body From Dangerous Electromagnetic Fields


The electromagnetic charges in your body can be reduced through walking around barefoot and it can help you reduce the harmful effects of EMF’s.  The balancing of positive and negative energies will help to remove the free radicals in your body which cause the side effects.  


There are a number of different ways that walking barefoot can improve your health.  These benefits have been identified by medical professionals through studies.

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