Are You Ever Too Old To Date?

A question I have seen come up quite often is whether someone is too old to date. I know, seems silly doesn’t it? So many times I have heard ‘are you ever too old to date?’ and I just roll my eyes.

In short – the answer is no. You can date at any age – there is no limit for when you can and can’t date as you get older.

I approached my 30’s and a discussion came up about dating. Again the term ‘are you ever too old to date’ came up and it really got me thinking deeply about it.

Approaching Google was my first thought, I thought I would see just what dating sites are available and if they cater to specific ages. They really do!

Over 60’s dating, over 50’s and even over 40’s sites were apparent.

Are You Ever Too Old To Date?

Such an array of sites out there catering to such specific things, straight up meeting or starting something strong and seeing where it goes.

Admittedly some sites were seriously off putting and just looked like somewhere for people to meet up straight away and well – nothing comes out of it. If you know what I mean. They just didn’t look real or looked like some hidden porn site.

Quite a few adult dating sites were exactly what you needed. Scores of people looking for the same thing.

You can even find sites catering to things like hook ups, fetish and even found a millionaire dating site.

My investigation showed that in general – dating was for everyone.

Why Are People Against Dating Online?

Great question! It appears people don’t like to online date because they don’t know who they are talking to. But then again the same can be said for someone you just met at the pub.

Online dating may give you more time to get to know that person and find out more information about them. Maybe create a deeper connection than someone you just bump into and start a relationship straight away.

With technology always getting better, more and more people are looking online for their perfect partner.

A common ideal with the younger generation is no strings attached dating. Meet online through an app or website – have a night of fun – never see them again or maybe create a connection and start a wonderful relationship.
With the world becoming so disposable to us right not, many are seeking one night stands.

Is it something to be wary of? Yes. But so is meeting a stranger in a club.

It’s certainly food for thought.

Is Online Dating Successful?

Yes and no. Like any relationship it has bumps in the road. Things to work on. Changes and considerations.

It really doesn’t matter how or where you met but how you work on a relationship. A successful relationship has had plenty of work into it to make sure that both parties are happy, content with plenty of communication.

Having a great bond with someone is key – getting along and wanting to share the rest of your life with them.
Not forgetting to keep the flame alive and of course – have fun!

If you imagine a relationship is like building and maintaining a house.
You create the foundations. Making it sturdy, safe and then you work on the interior.
Interior is always fun but you then have the odd problem you need to fix.
Always changing things, keeping the house alive and fresh.

Every relationship whether it was online or through other means has always been the same. Fun but work work work.

Is Online Dating The Future?

Yes – now more and more people are accessing the internet they are finding fun and love online.

It’s becoming way to easy to spend more time at home and have no social life outside of the home.
For example – you can do most shipping now online and delivered to your front door. Food, clothing, everything you can think of and the prices are much cheaper than in stores.

Social media is a great tool for creating friendships online – many people have online friends as well or instead of friends outside of the house.
You could also find love on there.

Online dating has been popular for years but in recent years it has gained so much popularity with many apps claiming to be the one you use.
Many advertisements for these apps and websites are all over the place – even on television claiming love, hook ups and more.

What do you think of online dating? Is it for you?

*This is a collaboration post.

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