The Key Problem

I have major problems with keys. For many reasons.

I have a toddler that loses keys often, I misplace them or drop them all the time.

Getting new keys or locks can be a nightmare, especially as I am pretty much housebound and do not leave my house.

Of course, I need to find ways of getting replacement keys and/or locks with no issues.

Looking online and I become wary. I am quite an anxious person so I need to be 100% sure they are a real company and not going to burgle me (Sounds mad right? But it has happened)

So then I checked out Fast Keys which has a trust pilot score of 9.7 which is amazing.

There is a detailed faqs section which is very important for me, especially as I haven’t got the foggiest about locks and keys.

They also have fabulous customer support and can help with any lock related query, whether it is for your home, office or more.

The site is very user friendly and found loads of important things I need like office locks (I have nosey children)

Looks like it is also fast delivery, if ordered before 3pm, shipped the same day. Usually you have to wait several days before they even consider shipping out your items.
Can’t get fast service like that.

You don’t just have to get your home keys sorted, you can also do office, lockers and various other types of locks and keys.

If like me, you need privacy then you can order, get your partner to fit and off you go. My other half does out DIY things around the home.

It’s such an easy way to get your locks and keys sorted, without having to leave the home.

The good trust ratings is also very important for me too.

*This is a collaboration post

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