9 Accessories You Should Probably Buy Right Now

A woman can completely change the look of her outfit with the right accessories. This means that every woman should have a number of different pieces available ready to funk up her outfit at a moment’s notice. The same outfit can look completely different when the right accessories are added to it. Here are 9 accessories you should probably buy right now – some are classics, others are specifically for 2017!


Tassel Earrings

If you hadn’t noticed, tassel earrings are all the rage in 2017. Everybody is wearing them. You can find them in a multitude of colors, and they add a little fun and personality to just about any outfit. You might think they look a little crazy, but you’ll probably love them once you try them on!


Statement Glasses

Statement glasses are what it’s all about. You don’t even need to have a prescription either, as glasses for accessorizing purposes only are available almost everywhere. Don’t just go with boring specs though – statement glasses are a must. Go for a bold frame, color, or both to really make an impact with your look.


If you prefer to go for something more understated, those ‘grandad style’ glasses are very popular.



A Watch

Everybody needs a watch. Everybody. A wrist is naked without one! Finding the right women’s chronograph watch can be tough, so make sure you consider your budget and when you plan on wearing it. If you’re wearing it for special occasions only, you’ll probably want something a little more luxurious. If you’re wearing it every day, something more durable and versatile will be great.


Chunky Bangles

Chunky bangles add a little something special to just about any outfit. You can even wear them with your watch to create an arm party to be envious off!


An Ear Cuff

Ear cuffs look awesome, especially for a night out. You can get more understated ear cuffs, as well as in your face ear cuffs. They look so cool with the right hairstyle, especially high ponytails! You can wear one ear cuff or two at the same time; it’s all personal preference.


Stacking Rings

Stacking rings always add interest to an outfit. The great thing about them is that you can throw a few rings on and instantly look cooler. Midi rings are crucial, as they help to give a little more dimension to your stacking look.



A Bold Bag

A bold bag can work with more outfits than you probably think, so don’t be afraid to invest in one that you think is cute and quirky. Mixing colors and patterns in outfits is encouraged these days, and sticking to one color scheme is just plain boring.


Bright Red Boots

Bright red boots are in just about every clothes shop right now, so you’re bound to find a pair to suit your budget. Again, this is an item you’d worry about matching, but soon realize that they go with just about anything.


A Patterned Scarf

A patterned scarf can be worn around your neck, as a belt, or even as a hair accessory. Think outside of the box!


Which of these accessories will you invest in?

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