Why We Have Food Cravings

I don’t know if it is just me but occasionally I will have a strong food or drink craving. I will just really want something in particular.

Most of the time it is because I really like it but sometimes it is my body telling me I am in need of something else. Like sugar or a vitamin or mineral.

So it got me thinking about why exactly we have food cravings and I am going to delve into this a little deeper.

I am not a medical expert so if you think you are lacking a vitamin or mineral, or think it may be health related then certainly see a Doctor.

You can also visit this page for more information on food cravings.


When we think of food cravings, the first thing we probably think is ‘are you pregnant?’ and the answer is more than likely no.

During pregnancy, we may crave food, drink, smells or even unusual things like chewing on sponge.

No one really knows why we have these cravings and could be many reasons, or simply hormones.

With all of mine, I always craved hot and spicy foods. I couldn’t face eating anything bland and would perk up everything I ate with some chilli in some form or another. Curry was a favourite.

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies

Our body is quite intelligent in that it will create cravings for specific things if we are lacking in something our body needs.

For example a red meat craving could be a sign of low iron.

If you are concerned about deficiencies then talk to a doctor and ask for a blood test to check all is well within your body.

Mental cravings

Sometimes our brains will tell us we want something specific because it either brings comfort or reminds us of a time where this particular food gave us happiness.

Usually this is foods like chocolate, sweets, cakes. The really nice things we love.


We may be craving a lot of water with an unquenchable thirst, or may crave things that contain water such as watermelon and iced goods like ice pops.

Another thing to look out for with an unquenchable thirst is a possible issue within your body. IF you drink a glass of water and still really thirsty, check in with a Doctor just to make sure again, all is well.

Sugar and Salt

We may also crave sugary snacks because we are low in energy or craving salty snacks as our blood pressure is low.

So long as you are not overloading, satisfy your craving but if this happens often then again, check with a doctor to make sure nothing underlying is happening.

Sometimes there is no reason for our cravings and we may feel hungry until we get it. Those times you have to watch you are not over indulging though.

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